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Outside BintanResorts it’s said to be over 300 years of age and to have survived a great fire in the village many years ago. Both Senggarang and Penyengat Island can be visited via a South Bintan tour.

Nature and Wildlife

Penyengat Island As home to the rulers of the last phase of the Malay Kingdom, Penyengat has various historical sites including the tomb of hall, an old arsenal building and a palace. Arguably t h e mo s t e y e - catching building on Bintan is the bright yellow and green Masjid Raya Sultan Riau (Sultan of Riau’s Grand Mosque). Rumour has it that the original mosque was made of eggs, gifts from the Sultan’s loyal subjects during his wedding. There is a hand-written Quran on display here that is over 150 years old. The island is easily reached by a water taxi from Tanjung Pinang jetty, and you can travel further around the island and its historical locations by renting a becak (motorcycle rickshaw). Senggarang Village This Chinese village houses Bintan’s oldest temples, among them the Banyan Tree Temple, which is over 200 years of age and now entwined by the thick and twisting roots of a banyan tree. Vihara Senggarang is a complex of four temples paying homage to different Buddhist deities. The oldest of the four worships The Supreme Lord of the Dark Heaven; national hero Raja Ali Fisabililah, a custom

Mangrove Tour Along the Sebung River is a remarkable mangrove eco-system that leads up to thick primary jungle. A 60-minute adventure journey along the river takes you back to nature amidst the mangroves, where you’ll not only enjoy the serenity but discover various types of plants with their unique roots, and animals such as monkeys, snakes, monitor lizards and kingfishers. You may catch sight of local fishermen, too. Night tour options are available as well, giving you the chance to see fireflies lighting up the river.

Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva

Officially opened a t t he s t a r t o f 2017, this temple is home to 500 life- sized Lohan (or arhat ) statues – each one human-like and different from the next. For those familiar with Chinese culture, try finding Journey to the West ’s Tripitaka or Romance of the Three Kingdoms ’ Guan Gong amongst the faces. Grotto Santa Maria Located near the Trikora coast, the Grotto Santa Maria can be seen as part of a day- trip itinerary covering Berakit, the sea gypsy village. Here, enchanting limestone carvings of the Stations of the Cross tell the story that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Follow the trail up to the little chapel and look out for the statue of Santa Maria well- preserved in a cave. For more information on what you’ll find at Bintan Resorts, or to book your next quick getaway from Singapore, visit

Culture, History and Heritage

Panglong Village, Berakit

This is Bintan’s largest village of sea gypsies – n o m a d s who are born, live and die on the ocean’s waters. Get a peek into local life – think

rural villages, stilt houses on waters and salted fish being dried in the open. As with visiting a friend’s home, a gift for the children, such as snacks, will be appreciated here.



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