1 Do I need a visa? There have been changes to Indonesia’s visa policy in the past few years. Currently, the passport holders of 169 jurisdictions do not need a visa to enter Indonesia: these include Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the US, India and the UK. Nationals of 68 other countries can apply for a visa on arrival (30 days, US$35). How long will it take me to get there? 2 hours (Jakarta) or 2.5 hours (Bali) flying time from Singapore. Indonesia is between 7 and 9 hours ahead of GMT. What’s the money situation? The official currency of Indonesia is the Indonesia rupiah (Rp). MasterCard and Visa are the most widely accepted credit cards and ATMs are common throughout the country. 2 3 When’s the best time to visit? While the weather is warm year-round, rainfall is very common from November to March. May to September is generally considered the driest time, but parts in the north receive rain throughout the year. widely spoken. Here are some phrases to get you started: Hello/Good morning Hello/Selamat pagi What is your name? Apa nama anda? My name is __ Nama saya __ How much? Berapa banyak Thank you Terima kasih Yes Ya No, thank you Tidak terima kasih Is there anything I should know about meeting the locals? Indonesians typically shake hands when greeting each other. Only shake an Indonesian woman’s hand if she initiates the handshake. What’s a must-try dish? Gado gado – a salad of boiled vegetables served with a peanut sauce dressing; and on the Hindu island of Bali you mustn’t miss babi guling , or roast suckling pig. 7 4 5 What’s the lingo? The official language is Bahasa Indonesia, but English is also 6


• Indonesia is made up of 17,508 islands. Only about 6,000 of these islands are inhabited by people. • Indonesia is one of the largest producers of nutmeg in the world. • Krakatoa’s 1883 most destructive in modern history, but the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa was the largest. • Indonesia is home to the Komodo Dragon, the largest living species of lizard, growing to a length of three metres. • There are over 700 indigenous • The word “java” has become slang for coffee, on account of the coffee beans grown on the island of the same name. languages spoken in the country. eruption may have been the

What should I buy as a souvenir? Shadow puppets ( wayang kulit ), or wooden doll puppets


( wayang golek ).


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