Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia PAMELA KNAGGS

Xi’An, China TAO LIANG

Jakarta, Indonesia YULIANTO BALAWAN

What are three must-sees for first- timers to KL? 1. Batu Caves – limestone caves at the top of steep steps housing Hindu temples and shrines. 2. Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers – tallest structure of its kind in the world, and a beautiful piece of architecture, right in the heart of the city. 3. Lake Gardens – KL’s “green lung”, with more than 220 acres of botanical collections. Name a hidden gem. Bangsar. Not really “hidden” but this small suburb has everything packed into a few streets: good food and coffee (local and international), bars, pubs, hair salons, massage parlours, gyms, supermarkets, boutiques and more. There’s something for everyone here. 1. Village Park nasi lemak in Damansara Uptown, for legit coconut rice and fried chicken. 2. Robert’s char kway teow at Say Huat Restaurant in SS17. 3. Raj’s banana leaf rice in Bangsar. What three dishes would you recommend to visitors?

What are three must-sees for first- timers to Xi’an? 1. Terracotta Army – this renowned collection of sculptures was buried with a Qin Dynasty emperor to protect him in the afterlife. 2. City Wall – built in the Ming Dynasty as a military defence system, the wall is well preserved enough for you to cycle on top for a great city view. 3.Muslim Quarter (Huimin Street) – this street is famous for its snacks; best visited in the evening. Name a hidden gem. The nearby Qinling Mountains divide China into North and South, and they’re worth exploring. You can fish, cycle, hike or just enjoy the pure natural environment. 1. Roujiamo – a sandwich of pork that has been stewed in a soup of more than 20 spices and seasonings for hours. 2. Paomo – a hot stew of chopped and steamed leavened bread, cooked in a lamb or beef broth. 3. Hulatang – traditional Chinese soup of beef, pepper and chilli. What three dishes would you recommend to visitors?

What are three must-sees for first- timers to Jakarta? 1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – a park that gives visitors a glimpse at Indonesia’s different ethnic houses and cultural influences. 2. Taman Safari – a great zoo for kids; you can drive your own vehicle and experience the wild in comfort. 3. Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands) – a 30- to 40-minute boat ride away, this island chain has beautiful beaches, coral reefs and island-hopping opportunities. Name a hidden gem. In the Pancoran/Glodok area, experience old Batavia and Chinese culture while shopping for bargain electronic gadgets andmore. Prices are negotiatiable, and the food is amazing! 1. Martabak manis – a sweet melt-in-the- mouth pancake in chocolate, peanut, Nutella and other flavours. 2. Sate – chicken and lamb skewers dipped in a uniquely Indonesian peanut sauce that will make your tongue dance. 3. Bakmie ayam (chicken noodle) – another favourite food of Jakartans; who doesn’t love this dish? What three dishes would you recommend to visitors?

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