The rules are simple: 50 questions, 100 answers in total, 100 points up for grabs. See how many you can score! TRAVEL GUIDE QUIZ!

1. Which Mediterranean island gives its name to an item of women’s fashion? 2. Which six countries does the Mekong River flow through? (6 points) 3. Did Sir Stamford Raffles refer to the Padang in Singapore as “The Walk”, “The Bay” or “The Plain”? 4. What is the tallest mountain in New Zealand? 5. Name the countries that these five internet domains are associated with: .my, .np, .de, .za, .kh (5) 6. What is the only capital city that is found in a capital city? 7. Bangkok, Dublin and Vienna are on which three rivers? (3) 8. In what country would you find the Yucatán Peninsula? 9. What do you call the science of making maps? 10. Name three countries that have a flag that is red, white and green only. (3) 11. Name the only English county that has four letters. 12 . In which Southeast Asian countries are the following islands found? Koh Lipe, Pulau Semakau, PhuQuoc, Panglao. (4) 13. Which country has more head of cattle than any other? 14. Name the four US states that have names containing the following letters consecutively in order: Bra, Sour, Lino, Law. (4) 15. Nine countries share a border with Germany; which one has the longest border? 16. In which city and country is the world’s tallest habitable building? (2) 17. Which country has five of the world’s 10 most circulated daily newspapers? 18. How far is Singapore from the equator, 98km, 144km or 202km? 19. Which country at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula was previously known as Aden? 20. Which is the only one-word country with all five vowels in its name?

37. The Galapagos Islands belong to which country? 38. What is the name of Hong Kong’s metro system? 39. What is the most southern capital city in the world? 40. Sri Lanka is approximately the same size as which other island: Tasmania, Borneo or Iceland? 41. Which of the following Southeast Asian cities is not a capital? Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City, Naypyidaw, Vientiane. 42. Which is the only continent without a desert? 43 . The following phrases are anagrams of which four cities in Europe? “Large bed”, “change open”, “bun lid”, “shin like”. (4) 44 . What was the first city in the world to reach a population of 1 million? 45. What is the famous train that runs from Moscow and heads east across Russia, Mongolia and into China? 46. Who was Asia’s first female president? 47. Kampuchea and Ceylon are the former names of which countries? (2) 48. What term, also starting with the letter O, describes the West as opposed to the Orient? 49. Name the Asian countries where the following airports are located: Narita, Ngurah Rai, Suvarnabhumi, Incheon, Tenzing-Hillary. (5) 50. What colour is the Central line on the London Tube map?

21. Which Asian city is known by its inhabitants as “Krung Thep”? 22. Which country consumes the most electricity? 23. Name the seven countries that have a name starting with the letter “C” and ending in the letter “A” (one has a two- word name). (7) 24. What is the longest river in France? 25. Mogadishu, Algiers, Harare, Djibouti and Tripoli are the capital cities of which five African countries? (5) 26. The peacock is the national bird of which country? 27. What was the main product mined in the quarries of Singapore’s Pulau Ubin before their closure? 28. The world’s largest annual food fight is conducted in which country, using which ingredient? (2) 29. Which desert stretches across Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa? 30. Benghazi and Tobruk are towns found in which modern-day country? 31. YVR is the airport code for which North American city? 32. Seven of the 10 most populous nations on the planet are in Asia. Name them. (7) 33. In which country is the Blarney Stone? 34. Which is the only US state that commercially grows coffee? 35. Which six countries border Iraq? (6) 36. Which Central American country’s name means “many fish”?

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