TALKING Ten minutes with Lightfoot’s co- founder and director, NICO HEATH. TRAVEL

Q Why use a travel planner when there’s so much online info at our fingertips? The fact that there is all this info is often the issue – sifting through blogs, magazine articles and TripAdvisor can be time-consuming to say the least. Lightfoot makes the whole planning process easier for you. You can still research and come armed with ideas, but rest assured you’re speaking to destination specialists who have tried and tested the experiences and properties you’re considering. Every itinerary is tailor-made from scratch and personalised to fit your individual requirements, and us putting it all together saves you an incredible amount of time. Q What are the key features in a Lightfoot itinerary that go towards making a memorable trip? One-off experiences, access to the inaccessible, and insider knowledge on every destination you visit. We’ve spent years building up an extensive (and exhaustive!) portfolio of the best in the industry, from wildlife experts and cultural aficionados to adventure specialists and chefs. No matter how simple the itinerary, we put our hearts into making sure each trip is unique in some way.

Q Give us an idea of the scope of destinations and experiences that Lightfoot offers. We offer everything from simple beach holidays to nearby destinations, such as Phuket and Bali, to African safaris and complex, multi-country tours around South America. I think the sheer range of holiday types we offer and our destination portfolio really sets us apart from other tailor- made agencies. Q What's on your radar as an upcoming hotspot in Asia or beyond? Mongolia and Tibet in Asia. Mongolia has the vast wilderness and culture untouched by the West. Tibet is rapidly changing, making it even more imperative to visit now if you want to catch its authenticity. Likewise with Cuba, if you want to experience the country as it has been for the past century, I strongly recommend visiting sooner rather than later. Q What’s been your favourite personal travel moment of the past year or so? Highlights have to be a helicopter flight over Queenstown where we stopped for a round of golf on top of a glacier (a true bucket-list experience) and quad biking through the dunes in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. Closer to home, I loved exploring the atolls of Sulawesi on board a traditional Indonesian pinisi boat.

Lightfoot Travel specialises in family holidays, honeymoons, corporate travel and private villas in countries spanning seven continents. For tailor- made itineraries, contact them at 6690 3252 or visit


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