Vivid, bustling, fragrant, alluring and enchanting: five adjectives that first come to mind when I think of Old Delhi. (“Functional chaos” is a less poetic description used by many!) A visit here is not recommended for the faint-hearted. Rickshaws and motorbikes come from all sides on overcrowded streets, unfamiliar smells fill the air, temporary vision impairment is caused by confrontation with colourful saris, monkeys steal food from local vendors, and holy cows create traffic jams in the middle of a busy crossing. Old Delhi is at times overwhelming, but it’s also delightfully seductive. Magical alleys reveal the history and splendour of the colonial era. Spices linger in the air from the stalls of traders, causing slight intoxication. Taste buds are overstimulated by the huge variety of cuisine and fresh produce overflowing in the market. Local merchants are as animated as the products they’re selling – and finding a bargain is almost guaranteed. In short, this is a window into the past of a modern metropolis – a place where time has stood still.

Marzena took her colourful photos while on a walking tour with Old Delhi Bazaar Walk & Haveli Visit; for more information, see


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