Schools Mini Guide 2018

S C H OO L S M I N I G U I D E 2 0 1 8

GEMS WorldAcademy (Singapore) We’ve lived in Singapore since June 2016 and all three of our children are attending GEMS (Singapore). The school is a tremendous asset to the community and is always supportive of our family and our children’s goals and aspirations. This is our family’s first experience with the IB curriculum, and we’re pleased with the delivery of

the programme and the smoothness in which our children transitioned. The teachers continually impress upon the students to engage and appreciate diversity and community. The student body

is rich with culture and the school provides well-rounded lessons and assignments that encourage the children to think independently. We’re especially pleased with the at-home assignments, which are relevant and in line with the children’s exploration topic for the quarter. The students are given the opportunity to personally choose the projects they complete; this increases the desire to research and complete the task because of the ownership instilled.

GEMS (Singapore) was highly recommended by a neighbourhood friend who raved about the faculty, curriculum, facilities, extracurricular activities and their children’s positive experiences. Due to the glowing reviews, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the campus and learn more. The school hours (9am start, and half-day Fridays) are fabulous. It’s an honour and pleasure to be part of this school community. Moving to another country and changing schools is always challenging and families must be ready for the unexpected. The campus, faculty and facilities are amazing, and we’re grateful we joined an environment of respect, transparency and engagement.

Erica and Trevor Parra, American; Gavin (10), Grant (5) and Tegan (4)

2 Yishun Street 42 6808 7300 |


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