Schools Mini Guide 2018

S C H OO L S M I N I G U I D E 2 0 1 8

Dulwich College (Singapore)

Both our children have been attending Dulwich since September 2016. Maia has developed in confidence and her grades have improved dramatically; she also speaks highly of her teachers. We are particularly impressed with the drama department; the standards of their productions are consistently high. Emil is a professional actor so he tends to be more critical than me, but even he had nothing but admiration and praise for the different productions. Th e s c h o o l i s c omm i t t e d to developing students who are passionate and proactive about making a positive difference to the world. Maia and Silas have become more aware of global issues and happily take part in a range of community service activities, such as helping out at Wishing Hearts. Maia is involved in organising a photo exhibition to help raise money for the sister school that Dulwich supports in Cambodia. Silas has had a terrific time in Juniors. His teacher taught him how to save and invest money; if only I’d learnt this at 10 – I’d be retired by now! Silas flourishes in sports, and has been offered numerous opportunities to compete in football, rugby, swimming and more. He has also discovered a love of art, and he went from being a non-Mandarin speaker to Mandarin Ambassador in a year.

Jude and Emil Marwa, British and Norwegian-Indian; Maia (15) and Silas (10)

Being familiar with the reputation of the college in London, I knew that this would be an ideal school. When we finished our school tour two years ago, Maia whispered to me, “Thank you so much for letting me come here, I think it’s going to be amazing.” And it turns out she was right.

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