Schools Mini Guide 2018

S C H OO L S M I N I G U I D E 2 0 1 8

UWC South East Asia

We’ve been living in Singapore for six years as a family and 11 additional years for Kaiesh while he was at UWCSEA. Both children have been attending the school since K1. We believe in the UWC mission, values and education model. While UWCSEA has expanded tremendously from Kaiesh’s time, adding new structures, facilities, departments and a new campus, it’s still very committed to world-class education. We’ve had a great experience with the Infant and Junior school teachers so far. What we like most is the conceptual learning, which emphasises problem- solving and critical-thinking skills. We believe these skills, along with empathy and compassion, will help our children become confident young adults. It’s great that the school also incorporates physical and social education, along with art, through a range of programmes and activities. Both our children learn Mandarin and are engaged in activities like coding, yoga, mindfulness, Chinese painting and gymnastics. UWCSEA is one of the few schools that I know of where it’s “cool to be smart”. Students are competitive and collaborative at the same time. Before our daughter finished her first year at UWCSEA, we noticed a significant difference in her confidence, learning and approach towards people and the environment around her. The warmth we experienced as being part of the UWCSEA parent community is incredible. Visit both the campuses, and talk to as many families as you can who are part of UWCSEA. Make sure the culture fits for your family as it’s important for everyone to get involved!

Aradhana and Kaiesh, British-Indian; Arricah (8) and Kaavin (5)

• East Campus, 1 Tampines Street 73 | 6305 5344 • Dover Campus, 1207 Dover Road | 6775 5344 |


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