Schools Mini Guide 2018

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Guillaume Beck, French; Mathematics and Science teacher

The Explore

School House

I recently arrived in Singapore and I’m teaching Mathematics and Sciences for Grades 1 to 6 at The Explore School House. Parents send their children to a school to prepare them for the real world, yet all day long they do nothing but follow instructions. The modern world values people who are creative, able to communicate their ideas and collaborate. The Explore School House provides an environment that allows students to develop their creativity, critical thinking and communication skill sets. Keeping in mind that everyone learns in different ways, at various paces and possess

individual interests, the school puts the children first and personalises education according to each child’s aptitudes and abilities. My favourite programme is project time. To nurture each child’s passions and interests, we dedicate time twice a week for students to work on projects of their choice. I’m often blown away with their creativity! We also set aside a day each week for field trips and guest speakers. To encourage the children to take ownership of their learning journey, we encourage them to suggest where to go for the trips and who to invite to speak. I’ve learnt a lot myself from

these sessions. I love showing kids how much fun it is to learn and I hope that I inspire my students to find their passion. The teachers, parents, and students are integral to making the school what it is. Everyone has a say and a place in making the school great. The school really walks the talk – to develop students into active learners.

41 Sunset Way, #02-06 Clementi Arcade 8826 6071 |


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