Schools Mini Guide 2018

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Stamford American International School

We’ve been living here for almost four years now. Kira and Isabel have been attending SAIS since we moved here and it’s been a great experience. They are enjoying the campus with multiple swimming pools, the theatre, athletic field, several libraries, indoor arenas, classrooms, cafeterias and of course, the Innovation Center. Both kids are also involved in CCAs such as sports, theatre productions, choir, music ensembles and the language programmes. They’re also taking advantage of living here and learning Mandarin. Both girls are very involved in the school community – like their mom. I (Nicole) currently hold a PTA board position. The PTA is what keeps this community thriving and we have the most dedicated volunteers I’ve ever met! Kira and Isabel help out with the Halloween, Christmas and International Fiesta activities at school. When you attend these events and see the smiles on everyone’s faces, you can’t help feel that you’ve made the right choice! The kids have also greatly benefited from the wonderful staff and faculty with vast multicultural backgrounds. This could be one of the best highlights for our family, meeting people from all over the world. We learned of SAIS from my husband’s associate. We enrolled our children here because it’s an American School with many other cultural backgrounds. The location of the school was perfect for us as well. For me, attending an American School that follows the same curriculum was important to us. Our kids are happy, so that makes us happy!

Nicole and Dmitriy Ioffe, American; Kira (14) and Isabel (11)

1 Woodleigh Lane 6602 7247 |


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