Schools Mini Guide 2018

S C H OO L S M I N I G U I D E 2 0 1 8

Sir ManassehMeyer International School

Elan and Christina Cohen, American and Canadian; Lauren (16), Brooke (14), Alexandra (11), Ashley (9), Asher (7) and Aden (4)

All our children have attended or currently attend SMMIS. Now only the younger three kids are at the school. The school has a strong curriculum, individualised attention, strong language training (in Hebrew and Chinese), and a solid swimming programme. However, what makes the school unique for us is the warmth of the teachers, faculty and administrators. The children are greeted each day with hugs by their teachers, and as parents we see the confidence that the children have developed because of the love that all the faculty show towards the students. One of our children has speech dyspraxia, and SMMIS provided him with daily on-site speech therapy and attention to help him overcome this difficulty.

The dedication of the staff is truly exceptional. Our family has lived in Singapore for 20 years, and we always knew of the school. In fact, at various times my wife Christina and I were both on the Education Committee of the JewishWelfare Board. The school was originally an outgrowth of the nascent Jewish community in Singapore. The school started out as the nursery school and kindergarten of the Jewish community and then grew to become a fully-fledged international school in Singapore. It remains true to its founding principles of instilling Jewish learning and it has a strong moral code. We believe that SMMIS is ideal for a family that seeks a warm, welcoming, close-knit and small school.

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