Schools Mini Guide 2018

S C H OO L S M I N I G U I D E 2 0 1 8

Melbourne Specialist International School

We moved to Singapore in August 2016 and our oldest son Nuholt has been attending the school ever since. Nuholt is very happy at MSIS and that is the most important thing to us. The premises are very well kept. The children are given the opportunity to participate in various activities like swimming, gym and cooking, and there are additional services on offer such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy, if families require them. Different sports are also arranged as extra-curricular activities, according to demand. MSIS understands the importance of teaching

daily living skills and this is a big part of the curriculum. The kids regularly go on outings that teach them these important skills, such as bus rides, visits to food markets where they purchase their own food, learning to work with money, going to the movies, and trips to the Singapore Botanical Gardens or the library. We were taken to MSIS by our relocation agents after briefing them about our needs. We liked the premises, the staff andwhat they had to offer. The school not only has well-equipped facilities, but also enthusiastic and well-trained staff, and a lot of opportunities. They work with kids according to their individual needs and levels. One can see that everyone involved has a passion for what they do. MSIS is a school where people know each other and draw support from one another, and where children are cared for and loved.

Mignon and Nuholt Huisamen, South African; Nuholt (14), Danielle (11) and Jean (9)

75C Loewen Road 6634 8891 |


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