Schools Mini Guide 2018

S C H OO L S M I N I G U I D E 2 0 1 8

Integrated International School

Our younger son Rees began attending IIS in October 2017. I home-schooled both our boys for two years prior to enrolling them in their current schools. Rees has had problems learning effectively in a mainstream school setting, resulting in a loss of confidence and a dislike for school in general. In the short time he has been at IIS, we’ve seen remarkable improvement in his writing and communication skills, and his interactionwith peers and adults. Most importantly, he is learning to like school again. We credit the exceptional teachers, patient and knowledgeable administrators and the atmosphere of kindness and care that is fostered at IIS. The students get lots of outdoor time and the low student-to-teacher ratio is a big plus. It ensures greater individual attention and allows for curriculum adjustments. I learnt about IIS through my employer and a friend who has a child attending the school. We took a tour of the facilities and I was impressed by their programme and howwell they utilised their space. The atmosphere is very cheerful and welcoming. IIS has made a remarkable difference in the life of my child and our family. Rees used to refuse to work with others and get up in front of crowds, but last Christmas he performed for all the students and families. He also has classmates who accept him for who he is. It has given me hope that my son can achieve whatever he wants with the proper guidance and care.

Alicia and Davis Cecconi, American; Rees (12)

41 Sunset Way, #01-01 Clementi Arcade 6466 4475 |


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