Schools Mini Guide 2018

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Checklist: ASK YOURSELF THESE 10 QUESTIONS BEFORE DECIDING ON A SCHOOL 1 Which curriculum will best suit my child’s educational needs and our family’s plans for the future? There are many curriculum options, and the right fit will minimise the disruption of moving to another country and a different school. 2 Is the location of the campus convenient to home and public transport? 3 How do class sizes and teacher-to-child ratios vary among the schools on my shortlist? 4 What languages are taught as second languages? Is this compulsory, and will the experience benefit my child? 5 Will the extracurricular activities offer a balance to my child’s academic studies and broaden his or her educational experience? 6 Are there opportunities for parental involvement at the school? This can be a wonderful way to meet new people and get to know the school. 7 What facilities are available for outdoor and after-school activities? 8 What types of school excursions are offered? Many children have the opportunity to visit other countries as a part of the school curriculum, often with a focus on learning about those countries, community engagement and volunteering. 9 Do the school’s holiday and term dates vary from those of my other children’s schools or my home country? 10 How does the school communicate with parents about the child’s learning experience and general school news, such as online or through newsletters and excursion permission notes?

While physically visiting a school is often the best way to make an instinctive decision based on the individual needs of your children, hearing the opinions of other families can be invaluable. The following pages feature a multitude of referrals from Expat Living readers to help you decide. Singapore offers a wide choice of international schools, most of which have a multicultural environment with students from diverse backgrounds and countries. Add to this a variety of curriculums, from single-country programmes to the International Baccalaureate and International Primary Curriculum, and there’s not much more that a parent could wish for! How toChoose a School


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