T he upshot of this is: who knows how long you might be here? That’s why we feel it’s so important to set up your accommodation as a home away from home – a place that you can come back to at the end of a working day, for example, and feel settled and cosy. To do that, you’ll need to make all kinds of choices: Is this the right neighbourhood for us? Do we want a modern apartment or something older with “character” and a bit more space? Should we lease some furniture or buy our own? Do we want to invest in a good mattress? How can we do more with our outdoor area? While we can’t answer these on your behalf, what we can do is provide a whole lot of inspiration to help you along the way. So, within the pages of our fourth annual Home & Property Guide you’ll find ideas galore: from the latest offerings of the island’s best furniture stores and expert advice on décor for different rooms, to tips on approaching the real estate search and even a glimpse into the actual homes of expats in Singapore. What soon becomes clear is just how dynamic and varied the island’s property scene is, fromblack-and-white colonial houses that look like they’re about to be swallowed by jungle, to walk-up apartments in the heartlands, and gleaming houses on the shores of Sentosa. Keep the guide handy while you find your home and kit it out, and then don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly magazine, and visit our social pages and website, expatliving.sg, If you chat to long-term expats, you’ll discover that many of them didn’t necessarily plan on living in Singapore for very long. “We thought we’d only be here for two years,” they might say; or even, “We only came for a look !”

for more fabulous features. Good luck and have fun!

– The Expat Living Team



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DÉCOR Fabulous furniture, furnishings, accessories and design advice to make you feel at home in Singapore 12 Contents

What home is best for you? From condo to shophouse, black- and-white to bungalow, we take a tour of some expat abodes 74 SHOWCASES




You’re bound to find something to fall in love with in our catalogue of visual ideas for every room of the house 84 PRODUCTS

108 PROPERTY All the accommodation advice you need for Singapore, from short-term solutions to finding the perfect pad



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Fabulous furniture, furnishings, accessories and design advice to make you feel at home in Singapore.



The Brief Caroline’s corporate lawyer client put all of his trust into her work, and had no specific brief. He did, however, ask that his art pieces, which he collects, are incorporated i n t o t h e home wherever possible.

How CAROLINE CHIN-GEYLER from Arete Culture transformed this historical home. Showstopper!

The Response The project was completed in two phases: the bedrooms and communal areas upstairs, and the outdoors and formal entertaining area downstairs. The Arete teamwanted to maintain the shophouse’s historical integrity, deciding to gowith an open-plan living space, incorporating the unique swimming pool that appears on the cover of this publication. In the living and dining areas, the walls were painted a clinical white to emulate a gallery feel and to spotlight core art pieces. The colour palette was taken from the art piece in the dining room. Existing darker furniture was combined with new, lighter pieces, and Arete refurbished the dining set to update the look. Mirrors were strategically placed to bounce light around, and a custom sideboard accommodated a long wall in the background. Adding an oversized geometric rug to add pattern in the living room also helped to modernise and freshen the space. The client insisted on using Arete’s furniture, and this included the sofas, chaise and coffee table. “Because you can see the outdoors from inside the house, we kept to the same colour palette for that seamless indoor-outdoor flow,” says Caroline. Outdoor hurricane lanterns were added to brighten the space at night. “We also grouped the client’s smaller art pieces together to create mini collections that would encourage conversations around the art,” she adds.

#06-01 Tan Boon Liat Building 315 Outram Road | 9640 3829 | areteculture.com


5 STYLE STEPS Top decorating tips to help make your home interiors sing!

PADMAJA RAJAGOPALAN of Artful House has been sourcing a variety of skilfully crafted home décor pieces for years. Her stock of furniture includes Indian vintage doors and window frames, which are transformed into one-of-a-kind consoles, sideboards and mirrors. Padmaja is increasingly asked by clients for her top tips for incorporating her pieces into a home; here are just some of her ideas.


Play with contrasts Bringing different elements together is what makes a truly interesting home. Here, Padmaja has placed a distressed vintage sideboard with a highly polished carved mirror. To complete the look, she’s added a contemporary wingback in a striking print.


Pick versatile pieces “At Artful House, we first and foremost focus on picking a piece we love, and then we figure out a use for it,” says Padmaja. This beautiful arched window cabinet has been styled as a bar, but it could very easily be used as a sideboard, a linen cabinet or an entryway piece – a versatility that’s particularly useful if you move frequently.




Accentuate with colour Colour adds vibrancy and positive energy to spaces. This brilliant bluish- green cabinet with lavender interiors can instantly cheer up a space.


Make a wall statement “We love mirrors for making statements, especially those constructed from interesting architectural elements, such as this mirror retrofitted into a door panel.”

#5 Use great upholstery

Upholstery can really set your pieces apart, says Padmaja. “Fabrics can just up the style quota of any room. We’re partial to eye-catching prints such as this blue and white ikat -inspired printed accent chair.”

#08-04 Tan Boon Liat Building 315 Outram Road | 8112 6127 | artful-house.com facebook.com/artfulhousesingapore



Why finding the right rug for your home can transform your interior. Beauty Underfoot

Any home stylist or designer worth their salt will sing the virtues of finding the right rug. It’s a simple but effective way of transforming a space, and can anchor a room, pulling all the other pieces together. VISHA NELSON from The Cinnamon Room has increasingly been asked to help clients with finding the right rug. The store’s unique hide pieces continue to be bestsellers, joined by hand-woven dhurrie rugs in signature geometric designs. Visha can customise pieces to any size, and can also offer a personalised service to ensure you find the right fit for your home. “We advise people on how to choose the right rug, by dimension and design, and how to lay a rug to define and ground the space to make the most of it. The personalised approach we offer to clients to discuss their needs and help them choose the right design is what people seem to value.” Visha carries out consultations using photos or on a home visit. She’ll then try rugs out in the space so you can see them in situ and get a feel for how they look, and if they achieve what you’ve envisaged. “Giving the option to try before purchasing is a huge factor in helping clients feel they’re making the right choice.” Home Accessories Rugs apart, The Cinnamon Room’s walls have been adorned with the striking artwork of Ketna Patel for some months now, andwill continue to do so. Then there are Visha’s range of lamps, and her newcollection of ceramics, pictures frames and boxes. The store is located in Holland Village; just be sure to check opening times before you make a visit, in case Visha is off on one of her home consultations.

43 Jalan Merah Saga, #02-74 Holland Village 9727 3051 | thecinnamonroom.com



Is your place inneedof anupdate?

Help with a Home Makeover Living Room

Whether you rent or own property in Singapore, creating a space you love is what makes a home away from home really feel like a home. Filling your space with quality, well-made furnishings helps, but it’s often not easy to find the right colours and textures you’re looking for. Thankfully, retailer COURTS not only carries hundreds of furniture designs, it allows you to customise them to your liking too.

Want to spruce up your living area this year? COURTS carries over 600 leather and fabric options for sofas including Italian premium leather and vintage leather. If you’re looking for something more low maintenance, some styles come in waterproof fabrics that makes cleaning and upkeep a breeze for busy homeowners – or those with kids or pets! Bedroom One of the most important things to get just right in any home is the bed. COURTS carries well over 20 brands, plus over a thousand mattress options; you can also customise all the fine details like your headboard, divan base and bed frame to your preference. For finishing touches to the bedroom, the store carries customisable wardrobes that offer all the versatility of a built-in, while still being a mobile piece that can be shifted to any space, no matter the size of house or apartment. Functional and smart! Extras If you’re looking for help with home layout, check out the store’s Design Studio, an in-house interior design solution run by expert renovation consultants. All designs are covered for a one-year period. You can also call on services from GURU, an in-house maintenance, warranty and repair solutions provider, which are all covered by a 90-day warranty.

Visit courts.com.sg for more information and store locations.



Since we spend around a third of our lives in our bed, we shouldmake sure it’s agoodone! Sustainable Shut-eye

Everyone feels better after a great night’s sleep; it leaves us feeling refreshed, healthier and more ready to take on the day. It goes without saying, then, that investing in a high-quality mattress is a great idea – and that means one with sufficient support, made from premium materials that will last for years to come. If you’re a fan of natural materials, pay a visit to one-stop bedding specialist Dormiente , which carries organic natural latex mattresses for all the family. Each mattress is handcrafted in Germany using sustainably sourced materials, including GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standards) certified latex with covers that use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified organic cotton, or are quilted with pure new wool. These soft natural fibres are anti-allergenic and allow easy evaporation of sweat in Singapore’s humidity

– perfect if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. What’s more, Dormiente also carries orthopaedic mattresses for men and women that provide specific body support for those with back pain – in fact, they’ve been officially recommended by the Association of Back Posture Trainers. You can even select different mattress firmness for you and your partner if you can’t agree on the same one! You can also accessorise with organic cotton mattress protectors and duvets made from kapok cotton, Tencel, cashmere, merino lamb wool and plush camel hair, all sourced from certified organic husbandry that ensures animal welfare guidelines are followed. For a completely sustainable set, don’t forget to check out the beautifully hand-crafted, toxic-free bed frames, made with European hardwoods that are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification).

315 Outram Road, #11-10 Tan Boon Liat Building 9748 4468 | dormiente.sg



Story of a Store The husband-and-wife team behind Dreamweave, COL and JENNY BANNING, wanted to bring contemporary Danish-designed rattan furniture to Singapore, after seeing the market was ready for something different.

practices across the categories are distinctly different and sometimes present challenges, but we wouldn’t change it, as we have a sustainability philosophy. Due to their high quality, Campomaggi bags look better with age, Sika Design furniture can be handed down from generation to generation, and Preventi shoes can last years with care. From a sustainability point of view, this is much better than buying cheap goods that don’t last and which generate excessive waste. As a couple working together, there are occasions when our views differ, but because we respect each other, we always get around them. We try our best to base decisions on facts. Kisses and hugs help too! What’s your favourite range? We both have a bias for Campomaggi leather bags; we absolutely love the quality and designs. I also love the Sika Design brand of rattan furniture, which we have at home as well, for its simple and elegant beauty and ergonomics. Col is a fan of Preventi as he gets to bring in size 46 shoes (he has big feet!) in his favourite designs. Any challenges running a business together?

Q How long has Dreamweave been operating? A We opened back in 2013 in Singapore. We recently celebrated our fifth anniversary and are already looking forward to the tenth! At that time, I had a corporate role here, and Col was just stepping out of a regional role, so it made sense to start Dreamweave in Singapore where we knew the market. This isn’t the easiest retail market, as rent and labour costs are high, but being a more developed country with higher levels of income, there are consumers here who understand and appreciate our concept. Previously, the rattan furniture sold in Singapore was more traditionally designed and a poor build quality. From early on, we had customers tell us we had the best rattan furniture they Why did you decide to start the company?

could find! Top hotels and restaurants have also opted to use Sika Design furniture to create unique ambiences, both for indoor and outdoor settings.

Were both of you involved from the beginning?

Col has always led the business, using my experience in retail, especially in merchandising and supplier selection.We are lucky to have different strengths to draw on.

What would you say makes your business different?

We only carry brands exclusive to us in Singapore that embody high-quality artisanal craftsmanship. Our customers know they’ll have a unique shopping experience at Dreamweave – chain stores tend to look and feel the same. We sell artisanal leather bags and footwear, which is classified as “fashion”, but also handcrafted rattan furniture, classified as “furniture”. The marketing

#02-24/25 Shaw Centre 1 Scotts Road 6836 9495 | dreamweaveconcepts.com


Fresh & Contemporary

For the past five years, E&A Interiors has been working with clients to transform their home spaces. We sat down with founder CHLÖE ELKERTON to chat about one of her favourite recent projects.

Q What was the client’s specific brief for their home? A The owners of this three-bedroom apartment at Robertson Quay are a young, newly-wed professional couple in their thirties, living with her mother. The apartment was tired and had been tenanted for eight years so they wanted to fully renovate and make it a special home for them once they were married. They requested a calm and fresh living area to relax in, but also wanted to use patterns and colour to inject life into what was a dull and bland space. For the master bedroom, they asked for a more romantic edge, so we used a palette of soft pinks and greys, while also incorporating blue-grey tones for the wardrobe so it wasn’t overly feminine. They wanted to add character to the blank and lifeless walls as they had no art, so we proposed wallpaper throughout the house. How long did the transformation take? We were able to renovate the whole apartment, including the two bathrooms and kitchen, in around four months, as all the furnishings and furniture were custom-made by E&A using artisanal hand-blocked fabrics. The entire project only took around eight months from initial meeting until final completion!


Were there any particular challenges with the project?

The master bathroom was very dark and lifeless, so we used a geometric patterned floor tile in pink and taupe combined with




a pretty shell wall mosaic to add detail and a spray- painted off-white vanity to freshen the space. Brass lights and fittings added warmth and luxury. How much involvement did the client have? They were very easy to work with and wanted to be fully involved at all stages of the project. They had no furniture so it really was a blank canvas. However, they were unsure about design and how to put patterns and colour together so they really left the design work up to E&A and trusted our team to create a beautiful home.

59 Eng Hoon Street, #01-75 6702 4850 | eandainteriors.com



How did Elements Concept start? It was set up in 2015 by Dutchman Bastiaan Spil. The founder and designer lives, works and designs in Java, Indonesia, where the Elements Concept factory is also located. In just a few years, we’ve grown from a single shop in Jakarta to a furniture brand with expanding collections that does fit-outs for commercial outlets. Though I am based in Hong Kong, I lead the team in Singapore, and the store is run by Karen Stuurman, who is also Dutch. Bastiaan keeps the designs as close to nature as possible, using materials we source ourselves, including sustainable teak, rattan, bamboo, marble and brass. Everything is handmade with authentic techniques, so each piece has a character of its own. The slight imperfections give each piece its human touch – and, in our view, make it just perfect. How important is craftsmanship to the brand? Very important. Our talented craftsmen andwomen make the pieces in our factory or in their homes. A lot of the smaller rattan pieces are braided in their homes, too, and they’re collected once a week. This way, the craft techniques can stay within the families, and they can earn a living at the same time. Are there any new pieces in the pipeline? We constantly add new designs to our range. Clients have been asking for new outdoor sofas for a while, so we recently added a new beautiful outdoor sofa to our collection – perfect for a tropical lifestyle in Singapore. Tropical Treats Tell us about the specific style influences on show?

We chat to INGEBORG VAN DER HOEK of Elements Concepts about how the company has expanded in its first four years of operation.

The AC Boutique 420 Joo Chiat Road elementsconcept.com.sg



CHANTAL TRAVERS from Emperor’s Attic gives us the lowdown on sourcing antiques, and what’s trending in the trade. &BEAUTIFUL Bright

Q What challenges do you face when sourcing your antiques from China? A Due to the global demand for gorgeous Chinese cabinets, quality pieces are getting harder to find. In addition, the geography of where we find our pieces is rapidly changing. Sourcing the pieces is more of a needle in a haystack than it has ever been – a worthy challenge!

What trends are you noticing? There’s a lot of demand for gorgeous, bright, gem-coloured cabinets with deep, rich, colourful hues such as yellows, pinks and blues. These pieces fly out of the store. What do you say to those who think Chinese furniture won’t match their décor? Chinese furniture can work with any style, from Scandinavian to industrial, to a house full of IKEA and more. A Chinese piece from us will create a statement, making your home uniquely yours while weaving your personal story into it as well. We have a new line of fabulous hand- made ceramics with exciting colours and textures the likes of which we haven’t seen before; something fresh to diversify from the (ever gorgeous) blue-and-whites from Jingdezhen. Apart from furniture, what other home décor do you stock?

Mattress matters

Within the same showroom you’ll find Chantal’s Willow Mattress brand, a certified 100 percent latex mattress company. an organic cotton outer cover, and are available in international sizes. Willow offers a 100-day free trial, so if you decide to try and not buy, the mattress will be picked up and money returned. The mattresses are breathable and cool, have

#01-10 Tan Boon Liat Building 315 Outram Road 6270 2544 | emperorsattic.com



It’s a well-known fact that a good night’s sleep is essential for the body and brain to function, and a continued lack of quality sleep can lead to serious health issues. But how does your mattress play a part in this? THIJS VEYFEYKEN, general manager of European Bedding , answered some of our readers’ questions on how customising your mattress can help you sleep better. Q “What materials should I look for in a mattress?” A It’s important to remove harmful chemicals and artificial materials from your sleep zone. Our latex mattresses are made of 100 percent natural organic latex; it’s elastic and can contour to your individual body shape and suit any sleeping position. The rubber trees we source our latex from are free of pesticides and fertilisers, and we also make our mattresses without any springs, synthetic foams or glue. For those with allergies, latex mattresses are also naturally mould- and dust mite-resistant.

Whymattressesmatter – andwhy you shouldconsider a customisedone to improve your sleep. Sleeping Soundly

“My partner and I have a different preference on firmness. How can we resolve this?” We all sleep differently and shouldn’t have to be disturbed by our partner. Try a mattress with different densities on each side, so you are both comfortable and can sleep easier. Our king-sized latex mattresses come with a dual- density option and our queen- and king-sized slatted bed bases are also adjustable. They come with sliders, so each sleeper can adjust the firmness of the lumbar support. “Do you havemattresses for all shapes and sizes?” If you have a particularly tall partner, or even a gaggle of kids who like to jump into bed with you during the night or in the morning, a custom-sized mattress can help to accommodate everyone. Different bed bases and linen from around the world can also be slightly different to standard Singaporean sizes. We can customise a latex mattress to any shape and size, depending on your needs.

Level 2, 32 Eng Hoon Street 6735 6658 | europeanbedding.sg



Looking to maximise the usefulness of a small space? Here’s one solution.

MODULAR FURNITURE ... for little monkeys!

No more gnashers Children notoriously like to chew and bite – and for furniture there is no escape! Happily, the solid pine and oak used in all FLEXA furniture has a tough, eco-friendly, UV-lacquered finish, meaning you can relax knowing those little teeth won’t chew off any paint or absorb any harsh chemicals. Hey there, good-looking! The new Popsicle range comes in muted tones of kiwi green, blueberry and blush pink cherry, suitable for any modern décor and not limited to a certain age group.

Since 1972, Danish brand FLEXA has been creating modular furniture sets for children of all ages. The company has researched how a bedroom environment shapes the emotional development of children, and it encourages them to use both sides of their brains in the room in which they spend most of their time. Someone’s growing up fast... As your family develops, your children grow and your bedroom needs change – and so do pieces by FLEXA. From low-to-the-ground single beds and wooden play centres, to bunk beds with additional trundles, and study spaces and shelving, the furniture is fully adaptable.

Eco credentials All the wood used in FLEXA products has a “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification”, meaning it comes from sustainable sources and meets strict international standards. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly too, as it not only uses the entire tree but also recycles wood chippings from the factory floor.

• #01-33/34/35 United Square • #03-38 112 Katong • #02-22 Forum the Shopping Mall 6354 1310 | flexasingapore.com



#1 Decide where to go Big-mall shopping may not be the same here as it is in your home country. “Here, you’ll find smaller shops that may be more specialised, with fewer brands; they can generally give you more personal attention.” Delivery time is something to take note of, too, as some shops have long lead times of up to ten weeks. Helpfully, Gallery 278 offers a complimentary loan item if you need to wait for your order to arrive. Whether you’re looking at leasing or buying furniture, Felicia advises thinking about how to integrate pieces with the look you already have back home. “You can buy back items at the end of a lease or opt to budget for a residual lease here, so you can own some dream pieces and have something to remember your Singapore stint by.”

Setting Up Home FELICIA KOH from Gallery 278 by Esco Leasing passes on three key considerations to keep inmind when getting settled in your house or apartment.

#2 Talk through the details If you want to add to a home that you love, you need to talk out the details, such as style and budget. “Esco Leasing has in-house designers who can help you identify what needs to be prioritised for your intended budget, and we also make custom- built bespoke pieces to add to the look of your place back home.” #3 Be open to change In the beginning, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the perfect piece for your home. “Take this as an opportunity to go through the journey of discovering new styles. We constantly change as people, and our homes should reflect that. However you decide to go about your furnishing, remember it’s the people living in a house that make it a home!”

278River Valley Road | 6737 2322 | gallery278.com



How to use customised furniture to fit with smaller spaces.

Solid Wood Slab Tables There are four different types of wood to choose from: American black walnut, Burmese teak, French oak and chestnut. The slabs can be found in the Grey & Sanders studio, and can be cut to size at its in-house workshop. There are also ten different table-leg designs on offer. Fabric Sofas The new range of timeless and comfy sofas are also customisable, in terms of fabric options, legs, seat cushion density, configuration and width. The new range of Acacia fabrics are durable, colour-fast, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Smaller apartment sizes in Singapore have increased the need to custom-fit furniture into tighter spaces. This brings with it one big advantage: custom-made or made-to-order pieces can feel more exclusive and meaningful. Grey & Sanders offers a range of customisation options with its furniture; here are just a few of the possibilities.

Open-concept Wardrobe Racks The Mila collection is available in four sizes and models, and two different colours or finishes for the shelves. The Mila can be customised into a wide variety of different configurations to suit any home space. Besides being a wardrobe for clothing, the racks can also be used for display or storage in a living or dining room. Consultations are free; just bring along a floorplan or dimensions of your space, and take it from there.


#06-02 Tan Boon Liat Building | 315 Outram Road | 8371 8864 | greyandsanders.com




House of AnLi

Tanglin Mall Level 3 #03-17

Reservations for breakfast, lunch & dinner: 6235 3851 or www.houseofanli.com

2/7/18 12:16 PM Open daily 9am onwards

*FPMasterP.indd 1

*FPMasterP.indd 1 *F M st r .in

2/7/18 12:16 P / / :

*FPMasterP.indd 1

2/7/18 12:16

Venue available for events

*FPMasterP.indd 1

2/7/18 12:16 PM

2/7/18 12:16 PM

2/7/18 12:16 PM


House of AnLi , run by husband-and-wife team Anne-Jean Liétaer and Panagiotis Lynas, has grown from a business operated out of their own home to this expansive showroom and bistro on the third floor of Tanglin Mall. When you enter the store, you find a total concept for the home through curated furniture, fabrics, linen, tableware, sleeping solutions and more. For example, at the front, there’s the fun and stylishMathy by Bols children’s treehouse bed; then, you’ll see eye-catching Belgian tapestries depicting Ethiopian and African tribesmen. The linen section, located just before you reach the bistro at the back, has a huge variety to choose from. These can be used for made- to-order curtains, cushions, upholstery and plenty of other soft-furnishing options, using 100 percent made-in-Belgium linen from Libeco.

With a store and stunning bistro all under one roof, this spot offers plenty of inspiration for the home (and stomach!). A One-stop Shop

Bistro Business The light and airy bistro features many of the recipes inspired by Anne-Jean and Panagiotis’s Belgian backgrounds. Dishes such as mussels and Belgian fries, and classic Belgian waffles, can be washed down with a craft Belgian beer or two. Food is served on Costa Nova tableware, and eaten with Laguiole cutlery, all sold in the home store. “Having this total solution for the home means we can give customers somewhere to find inspiration and to escape to,” explains Panagiotis.

#03-17 Tanglin Mall 163 Tanglin Road | 6235 3851 | houseofanli.com



Looking to renovate your outdoor or indoor space? CAMPBELL CAREY is yourman.Wechattedabout theservices he provides with Landed Home. Complete Reno

Tell us about your background before moving to Singapore. Back in Western Australia I ran a manufacturing business making teak decks and bespoke marine furniture for luxury boats. My wife was offered a position in the Faculty of Law at NUS and we decided to make the move here. It was an incredible opportunity for our family to experience living in a new culture. So, how did you get started doing handyman work here? While setting up my business, I started doing jobs here and there and I discovered that many people needed help with minor repairs throughout their tenancy or before handing over their property. Everything spread through word of mouth. We can handle all types of property maintenance as well as commercial projects. Services include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, floor polishing and parquetry repairs, but my favourite projects are building outdoor recreation spaces for landed homes, like pergolas and decking. I also have a big soft spot for working on beautiful black and white houses, so much so that we have recently moved into one! I have some fantastic clients in Alexandra Park and Medway Park for whom I’ve installed kitchens and bathrooms, as well as replaced decking and re-roofed gazebos. What do costs start from? For small repairs, I charge $70 an hour. While I’m still able to assist with those kinds of jobs, I’m focusing more on rejuvenating outdoor areas and the manufacturing side of my business. I’ve also put together a great team of six local tradesmen who can help get things done. What are your favourite types of projects? We’ve heard you stock a few ready-made products too. We carry amazing six-stage reverse-osmosis water- purification systems. They’re easy to install and remove. These systems remove all chemicals and heavy metals

from the water here in Singapore, which makes such a difference to the taste. I also create wood-fired pizza ovens that are proving popular. They cook more than pizzas – roasts are great in them too! You can even hire one if you have a one-off event. Another popular item is German-

designed composite decking that sits on top of an aluminium frame, which can be removed and resold when you move house. It’s height-adjustable and can be installed on uneven surfaces. Finally, congrats on the new workshop space! Thank you! I’ve just opened a workshop in Bishan where I’ll be manufacturing custom outdoor furniture. My background in marine furniture means that I know how to source materials that canwithstand the relentless humidity in Singapore, like high-quality stainless steel, teak and marine seaboard. I’m particularly looking forward to creating a range of furniture for balconies. Finally, I’m also planning to run some classes for people who would like to learn how to do their own “handyman” repairs. That should be fun!



Get in touch with Campbell at 8201 7660 or by emailing info@landedhome.net. landedhome.net | facebook.com/landedhomeinsingapore


From Past to Present

AUDREY LIM of Lim’s Holland Village looks back at the journey of her family’s furniture and homeware business from the 1970s to today.





“Holland Village has great importance to our family,” says Audrey. “It started from my father, CK Lim, being his own delivery man for his arts and crafts shop out at Changi. His clientele was mostly expats, so he did many delivery runs to the black-and-white houses in Wessex Road and Chip Bee Gardens. He regularly passed through Holland Village on his way.” CK Lim ended up falling in love with “Holland V”, or “Singapore’s oldest bohemian enclave” as it’s often referred. So, he decided to join forces with his brother to co-found a new venture in the 1970s; it was known at the time as Lim’s Arts & Crafts. The Lim sisters fondly recount their stories of growing up around Holland Village. Audrey says, “I got my first part-time job at Lim’s and worked as a cashier to pack items for our customers. My father wanted me to feel like part of the business at a young age.” Since then, many things have changed – including the store. Lim’s Holland Village , as it’s now known, was launched by CK Lim and his three daughters in 2016 and repositioned to appeal to both Singaporean and expat customers. What’s more, Holland Village continues to be a place where great memories are made for the Lim family. As eldest daughter Diana says, “Dad had a vision for Holland Village. He believed that it would always be beating with life because of the diversity of the people and the businesses there.”

What can you expect to find at Lim’s today? “We like to win our customers’ hearts through pieces that are not only decorative but also functional,” says Audrey. “A shopper once told us that we carry items that customers needed before they knew they needed them! How do we do that? We use our own personal requirements as a family to measure if the products we’re considering are ones we would use in our own house. We three sisters are the ‘filters’, if you like; so, the items we’ve selected for the shop have been through very stringent tests.”


It’s never an easy question for the family when people ask what particular items they carry. The list is a long one, from Chinese furniture and reproductions, to Southeast Asian handcrafted décor, to accents, homeware and more. “What we do really have is something for everyone,” says Audrey. “Whether you’re a newly arrived expat looking for a starting point for your home décor, newlyweds looking for a statement piece of furniture, or you just want a housewarming gift for a long-time friend, or a knickknack for yourself, there’ll be something for you at Lim’s Holland Village.””

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5 Quick


#1 What are your biggest challenges as an owner of a small business? Earning a customer’s trust takes more effort for us small businesses compared to global brands, but we also see our smallness as an advantage. We can be more flexible and our recommendations are personalised. Every customer who walks in to our store, or buys online, matters to us. So, the relationships we build with our customers end up more genuine and, hopefully, longer lasting. #2 What has surprised you most about running your own business? How far hard work can get you. Running your own business means having to do everything, often in areas I have neither talent nor experience in! But I keep on persevering and showing up every day, and I get it done. #3 What plans to do you have for the business in 2019? Expect our rug range to grow – a wider range of interior styles, more size options and, by popular request, round rugs. When it comes to homeware, We sat down with DENISE KAUR and quizzedher about runningher sustainable homeware business, Living DNA.

we’re launching a range of décor made with paper from recycled cotton fabrics. I’ve never seen sustainable décor this beautiful! #4 When sourcing products for the store, are you led by your own taste or do you look to what trends are coming up? I’m led by the lifestyles people aspire to lead. Do they dream of coming home to a calm space? Is their home their avenue of self-expression? How are people living a more meaningful, connected existence? What are the lifestyle improvements we can offer? And then there’s that one stunning piece or two that I can’t resist! #5 What did you want to be when you were growing up? I’ve always wanted to be a businesswoman but I didn’t think it would be in homeware! Still, I grew up in beautiful homes, so perhaps the seeds were already planted. My parents invest in unique interior design and they collect paintings and sculptures. Mom’s very particular about dinnerware, all the way to the sugar tongs! Our home seemed to be refreshed every few years and it always had personality.

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Natural Living specialises in supplying the kind of stylish resort furniture that would be perfectly at home in some of the great holiday destinations around the world. The sheer size of the store means it can bring in a full spectrum of products: think swings, lounge sets, bar stools, outdoor dining and more. The upshot of such a wide range is increased flexibility. Outdoor furniture, unlike sofas and TV consoles, often requires a fixed setting or a complete style – that is, every piece has to fit your particular alfresco space like a jigsaw in a puzzle. At Natural Living, you’ll find full collections of resort styles, with add-ons such as sun beds, gazebos, umbrellas and barbecues. The other key aim of the company, along with providing such a wide choice, is keeping its pricing highly competitive.

What’s new at Singapore’s biggest outdoor furniture retailer? Resort Feel

Product Focus The LIFE Outdoor Living collection boasts a wide range of inspiring and stylish outdoor furniture and accessories – everything from teak to slim aluminium frames and all-weather cushions – designed to be as desirable as it is functional. Hear what the Natural Living team has to say: “The Concept Dining Collection provides ideal dining tables for big family dinners. For example, the new 2.1-by-1.5-metre Concept table fits 10 people easily, and its 10mm-thick mouse-grey spraystone top gives it that extra edge. The Lily Dining Chair is one of our aluminium stacking chairs that can be used in combination with the Concept table. Aside from its stackability, it has an armrest with the look and feel of genuine grey-wash teak.” “The Timber Lounge Set consists of many different pieces that allow you to create any setup you like. There are open benches (left and right), extensions and corner pieces, plus a 2.5-seater bench available which, in combination with the armchairs, creates a cosy patio set. The height-adjustable table could be used as coffee table but also raised to be a compact, fully-functional dining table.”

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Naturalis Historia takes a three-pronged approach to its furniture offerings. Natural Charms Naturalis Historia strives to practice fair trade from start to finish. For instance, it only uses reclaimed teak (as much as the designs allow, at least) so as not to take any more than necessary from nature. Leaving the wood as unadulterated as possible allows each piece to bear its own unique characteristics, too. #2 Customisation Existing designs can be customised in terms of dimensions. Customers can also choose from a library of brass pulls and knobs for drawers and doors, to fit with their personality. These can be fitted at no extra charge prior to delivery. #1 Ethics

#3 Design

While drawing inspiration from old- world charm and nature, the furniture also uses modern functions and hardware, with high- quality and reliable system fittings by Häfele and other European marks. The furniture is designed with mobility in mind, hence the pieces feature adjustable legs and slide-out glass panels. This makes it easier for customers to move their pieces around the house – or indeed to pack up andmove. Some highlights The Normandie dining table and console are separate pieces based on the same design, with two side-tapered legs. Though they serve separate

purposes, if you need to entertain a large number of people, they sit flush together when placed side by side. The Dieudonné study desk features a brass-inlay belt throughout all four sides, along with brass feet and shoulder caps.

Did you know? Naturalis Historia also make customised lampshades of any style and dimension. You can select the fabric from their library or provide your own.

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Alfresco Flair

On the hunt for classic, functional and comfortable outdoor furniture?

Singapore’s year-round tropical weather and lush greenery means there’s no excuse for us to stay indoors. It also means that we need to give a bit more thought to how we furnish our exterior spaces to take advantage of entertaining family and friends. Whether you’ve got a compact balcony or a sizeable patio, there are options out there for spaces of all sizes. With a love of the great outdoors, the team at OHMM set out to create a versatile range of furniture made of humid-weather- friendly materials, together with options to customise size, fibre and fabric so you can personalise your pieces just the way you like them. With headquarters here in Singapore, these furniture connoisseurs manage the entire production of their products in a facility in Cebu, the Philippines, a

country that’s home to some of the world’s best woven-furniture craftsman. Each design is slowly hand-crafted rather than mass produced, and made with beautiful attention to quality and detail. After testing different materials and how they reacted to the elements, the OHMM team chose to produce the majority of their furniture in synthetic rattan, an extremely durable material that comes in a wide choice of colours to suit the style of any home. What’s more, all designs have a five-year residential warranty covering workmanship and materials, so you can buy with peace of mind.

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Living Room Beccy grey sofa: “Popular and family-friendly, the Beccy is our bestselling sofa. It comes with fully removable covers and in a range of high-quality linens as well as robust polyester blends. It’s available in a three-seater sofa and an L-shape chaise, so you’re sure to find the best design for your home.” Prices range from $2,400 to $3,800. Bami coffee table: “Ornate and contemporary, our ever- popular Bami stools come in a range of sizes to suit any modern space. Made from African dogwood, they are bold statement pieces that have been beautifully handcrafted.” Prices range from $650 to $1,400 .

#1 Bedroom

Key Pieces Fromteak beds to Indian cabinets, there’s an item to satisfy just about every home décor need at at this store. The philosophy of Originals is to avoid the cookie-cutter approach to home décor; rather, the store offers a wide variety of styles and a diverse range of products to suit plenty of different tastes. “We also curate items and combine styles that work well with each other,” explains JASDEP SINGH. “The core of our brand is bringing in high- quality products that are stylish, versatile and practical.” Here, Jasdep passes on just a few ideas of core furniture pieces for each key room in the home. Azur Teak Bed from Ethnicraft: “Contemporary and stylish, the Azur bed is one of our bestselling pieces. It fits smaller spaces perfectly thanks to the clever design of the frame. It’s made from solid, unfinished sustainably sourced teak wood, which will stand the test of time.” Available in Australian and Singapore king and queen sizes, it’s priced from $2,020.




Outdoor Hamilton sofa: “Island living meets city luxury; the Hamilton sofa is stylish and comfortable, and its graceful curves and organic texture will enhance any outside space.” Prices range from $1,950 to $3,600.


Accents India cabinet: “Our unique and timeless Indian cabinets are all carefully sourced from Northern India, and can work in most rooms. These pieces often start their life in shops displaying spices, food and medicines but there is a plethora of modern uses for them. Each one is special and individual, so sizes and colours vary with every piece.” Prices range from $1,200 to $2,400.


Dining Room Java Table with base: “The contemporar y and sleek Java solid teak dining tables come in a gorgeous natural or white-washed finish. There are a range of designs for the metal base to choose from, depending on your individual style. These dining tables are sure to brighten and liven up any interior space and are a best seller for the discerning interior designer.” Prices from $2,500.

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