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2016 REVIEW FOR GLOBAL STYLE TRADING Thank you for your continued support of Expat Living. To help you plan the next stage of your business, we have put together a summary of your recent coverage in the magazine. Here are some highlights from Expat Living Publications which we’d like to share with you: We are proud to announce that we recently won a top media award for “User Experience of the Year” as well as two merits for “Website of the Year” and “Integrated Media Brand of the Year” at the Media Publishers Association Awards 2015. We were also awarded Runner Up in Entertainment & Lifestyle Magazine of the Year 2015 by Marketing Magazine. continues to grow in terms of readership with 2,800,000 monthly page views and 300,000 unique monthly visitors in June 2015. We continue to try to provide the best value for your ad spend and would like to encourage a combined approach across both media - print and digital - for the best results. Do discuss with your sales contact your requirements for the next phase and let us know how we can work with you to provide even greater awareness of your product or service. |




JAN 2016 LIV

BEAUTY | Hair Refresh


When it comes to styling, a little help goes a long way. MICHELLE NEO, director at Hair We Are salon, lists the essentials.

OLAPLEX Amust-have nourishing t r e a t me n t b e f o r e bleaching or colouring your hair and an essential follow-up to any chemical service, Olaplex links bonds in hair and strengthens it to prevent breakage.

Gorgeous hair with zero effort? Yes, please. You’re one quick treatment away from sleeker, more manageable locks. 10 WEEKS HAIR SMOOTHING What it does: Uses nanotechnology and keratin to coat the hair. Who should get it and why: Anyone with frizzy, damaged, chemically treated or difficult to manage hair for ten weeks of shiny, stronger, healthier hair that is easy to style. What it costs: $160 to $260 VOLUME REBONDING What it does: Leaves hair looking naturally straight and manageable, unlike conventional rebonding that renders your hair stick-straight. Who should get it: Clients who want permanently sleek, straight hair, with absolutely no frizz, that’s easy to manage and style. What it costs: $300 to $430 BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT What it does: Smoothes hair for added shine and manageability. The first treatment will last you two to three months (depending on the condition of the hair); subsequent treatments will last four to six months. This is because the keratin coats the hair, making it resistant to humidity. Who should get it: Women who want to keep some of their natural curls and waves, but want to eliminate frizz. Hair becomes healthier, thicker, shiny and easy to manage. What it costs: $350 to $580 Visit Trimmings & Spa at 75B Loewen Road or 11 Unity Street. 6471 1922 | WASH AND GO

Think of it as a health supplement for your hair. REDKEN CURVACEOUS FULL SWIRL Great for full-bodied curls and frizz control in our humid climate, this two-in-one curly and wavy cream serum formula seals in moisture and blocks out humidity to define and control all types of curls. REDKEN SMOOTH LOCK HEAT GLIDE A hair-smoothing spray that protects dry, frizzy hair for that critical styling session. It helps maintain hair’s natural moisture up drying time, provides that healthy shine to your crowning glory and can be used as a finishing serum when styling. MOROCCANOIL INTENSE CURL CREAM One pump of this leave-in conditioner helps fight stubborn frizz and keeps wavy and curly hair hydrated and soft to the touch all day. Smooth over hair through the day to tame unruly flyaways. content and protects it from the heat for a smooth finish.

MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT OIL This golden liquid does it all: doubles up as a conditioning and styling oil, detangles hair, speeds

All products are available at Hair We Are, #01-08, 10 Jalan Serene. Call 6463 0353 for an appointment.

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MAR 2016 EXPATLIVING.SG How-to-make-your-hairstyle-last-longer-116209.ece


MAY 2016 LIV


The Bond Supremacy This uber-conditioning treatment rebuilds the bonds in coloured and chemically treated hair to make it healthier, softer and smoother. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities manage to change their hair colour overnight without so much as a dry or brittle strand in sight, we’ve got the secret for you. Called Olaplex, it’s more than just a conditioning treatment, and has been backed by Kim Kardashian as well as a string of celebrity colourists. Hair industry insiders believe this is a godsend for those who like to change their hair colour often. What’s the hype about? To understand the true power of this game-changing hair treatment, you have to first understand what your hair goes through each time you colour it. Simply put, colouring, perming or heat-styling your hair breaks the bonds within the hair shaft. What Olaplex does is literally reconnect these bonds to make your hair stronger and softer than it was before the treatment. BY SMITA DESOUZA

Photo: Guy_Tang

How it works Olaplex rescues damaged hair through a three-step process. Step 1, the Olaplex Bond Multiplier is added to the bleach or colour used to prevent your hair from breaking or completely drying out. While it doesn’t affect the outcome of the colour, it may increase the time taken to process it. Step 2, the Olaplex Bond Perfector is applied immediately after your chemical treatment and left to set for 10 minutes before being rinsed out and followed by a shampoo and conditioner. The Olaplex Hair Perfector, Step 3, is a home care product to be used as a weekly pre-shampoo treatment. This will help maintain and strengthen your hair till you go back to the salon. The benefits Olaplex repairs your hair from the inside by fixing the broken di-sulfide bonds. It limits the damage caused during and after colouring, leaving hair feeling soft, revitalised and easy to manage. While people with coloured hair benefit the most

from this treatment, just about anybody who wants better hair can ask for it. You can even ask for it as a pre- treatment before your Brazilian Blowout or any keratin-based straightening service.

To find out more, download the Olaplex app from the App Store or Google Play or email Look for OlaplexSingapore on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest news.


MAY2016 |



: Alikhan Coiffure

: Full head of highlights ($210), Olaplex ($60), cut ($120)

and blow-dry ($45)

As my fellow blondes will attest, being blonde in Singapore is a challenge. The damage from bleaching makes your hair dry and straw-like, and leaving a salon with brassy orange tones and an unevenly layered cut is not uncommon. You’ll understand why I’ve always been apprehensive about visiting salons in Singapore. Cue Alikhan Coiffure, and the dream team of Aussie colour specialist Leona and Italian Giuseppe. Trained with Joh Bailey in Australia, they have over 50 years’ combined experience; and walking into a salon which exuded an air of professionalism, buzzed with activity and featured a range of expat clients immediately set me at ease. Leona began my consultation with a thorough analysis of my hair. I showed her pictures of my ideal colour inspiration (Reese Witherspoon, sigh), and she explained clearly how we were going to achieve it. I felt comfortable enough to explain what I wanted, but also trusted that she would do what was best for my hair, and what would suit me. I have previously highlighted my hair with a combination of lighter blondes and lowlights. Leona advised that it would be better to stick with an all-over highlight to achieve the look I wanted. She also stressed the importance of using Olaplex to counteract the harmful effects of bleaching; it repairs the bonds of the hair that are damaged, even as the colour is developing. I also picked up a small bottle of treatment that I am to use at home to continue to strengthen my hair. The colour turned out gorgeous; brighter and more even than I’d thought possible. Giuseppe (Joe to his clients) cut my hair expertly. Listening to my requests for a fringe, he guided me against it, saying that I would find the maintenance too much. We compromised with a sweeping section at the front that I can easily tuck away without compromising the style (or spending huge amounts of extra time in the morning with a hairdryer). I was intrigued by his choice of cutting tool: a razor rather than scissors. Joe explained that for my thinner hair, a straight cut with scissors would lack volume. The razor does not damage the ends, and gives the hair a more textured finish, meaning it looks fuller and thicker (hooray!).

Amanda Broad

30 Merchant Road #02-07 Riverside Point 6438 8801 |

221 JULY2016 |



Toni & Guy

: Kérastase Signature Ritual, Discipline (from $204)

I don’t colour my hair and it’s not particularly frizzy, but chlorine exposure from regular swimming has made both my scalp and my hair dry. I explained this concern to super-friendly Johnson Pang, who is a certified Kérastase scalp expert, after being ushered into the salon’s private treatment room. Toni & Guy offers an expansive range of Kérastase treatments, and for me he recommends one designed to tame, moisturise and smoothen unruly hair. The treatment begins with a wash and soothing head massage.

Next, Johnson applies one strengthening and one moisturising serum to the wet hair. He then dries the hair off with a drier and applies a hair mask (available exclusively with treatments), which tames frizz. After that, he dries the hair to 80 percent with a hair iron to deepen the penetration of the serums. He then applies a restorative pro-keratin care mask for taming unruly locks, which is left in for 10 minutes. I take the chance to snooze as he dims the lights. Once he has washed out the product in cold water (to close the cuticle and lock in all that goodness), my hair feels surprisingly clean, not greasy. Before styling it, he applies a special leave-in scalp serum that conditions a dry scalp. He then carefully demonstrates how I can blow-dry my hair for extra volume. The final touch is the wonder product Kérastase Chronologiste, a finishing serum for perfect glossy locks. This is a very relaxing experience so be prepared to put away your phone for 90 minutes and totally surrender. I’m sold – my only question is: how can I find the time in my schedule to do this treatment every week?

EDITOR'S TIP! Wo n d e r p r o d u c t : Kérastase Chronologiste Parfum Oil Not only does this new finishing serum have a heavenly fragrance, but it’s suitable for all hair types. Apply it to dry, styled hair to tame fly-away strands and ensure an ultra-sleek finish. $84.50

Katie Roberts

170 East Coast Road 6345 0208 |

And A Salon

Olaplex ($150) and the Soft Straightening service

(from $200)

I had just come out of a rebonding hair disaster two days before my wedding last September, so when And A Salon’s stylist toldme that soft rebonding was the only solution tomanagingmy thick and wavy hair, I had an ominous flashback. Could I really afford to put my hair though that nightmare again? In the end, I was convinced it was worth a try. I was recommended Olaplex, a pre-treatment quite different from the rest, which is ideal for strengthening hair before colouring or treatments and great for Caucasian hair. The stylist began with a

process to soften my critically damaged hair, followed by a wash, flat ironing and neutralisation to finish. I was surprised by how uncomplicated the entire process was and I didn’t get a whiff of those harsh chemical smells (it’s free from silicone, sulphates, aldehydes and even gluten). Afterwards, my hair looked like it had experienced a turbo-charged reparative treatment. It looks healthier and has beenmuch easier tomanage day by day. I definitely recommend this treatment, especially for anyone with damaged ends.

Veena Bajaj

#02-08 Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Road 6235 1230 |

223 JULY2016 |


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