Sue Tedd Looking to kickstart her fitness and maximise her health, British expat Sue turned to FitNut Loft , a boutique fitness and Pilates studio that’s dedicated to helping women over 40 transform into stronger, more confident versions of themselves in a non judgmental setting. Since March 2022, she’s been training with Merve two to three times a week, focusing mainly on Reformer Pilates but mixing it up with strength training and group classes. Not only has she seen great results, but she’s also enjoyed becoming a part of the dedicated fitness community that keeps FitNutters coming back consistently. I’ve seen significant improvements in my core strength, flexibility and endurance – and I’ve lost inches all over! Why she loves it Fi tNut Lof t is a very support ive envi ronment . The t rainers are very understanding of my fitness goals and tailor my programme so that I can reach those goals. I particularly enjoy working on the Pilates Reformer, but I also like FitNut’s strength-based HEAT Circuit class. Both challenge me in very different ways. Results As I age, it’s important to exercise to keep healthy. My experience with FitNut Loft has reminded me just how important exercise is to my physical and mental wellbeing. Also, training with a professional has been essential in teaching me correct form. Since training with FitNut Loft, I have seen significant improvements in my core strength, flexibility and endurance. On top of that, I have lost inches all over! FitNut Loft • 15 Mohamed Sultan Road, #03-01

• 2 Pandan Valley, #01-201 8686 8299 |



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