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Head-to-Toe Health Previously located at The Arcade, Singapore Medical Group clinics The Dental Studio and Lifescan Medical Centre have reopened together at OUE Downtown (6A Shenton Way). Patients of The Dental Studio can restore their smiles with the Scaling and Polishing Package ($120 for two people) – including consultation, scaling and polishing, stain removal and oral hygiene – then pop next door to get a clean bill of health with the Advanced 2 Health Screening ($847) or Premier Health Screening ($1,372), which include medical assessments, comprehensive blood tests, imaging and investigation, evaluation and reports; Lifescan Medical Centre offers a range of health and genetic screenings, general and preventative medicine, and travel health services. Quote “Expat Living” when calling The Dental Studio (#02-17/18 OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2) at 6221 1395 or Lifescan Medical Centre (#02-19/20 OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2) at 6221 1358, for EL reader rates. Visit dentalstudio.sg or lifescanmedical. sg for more information.


Howcan I tell if I should get my varicose veins looked at or treated? Varicose veins are tortuous and bulging veins in the legs caused by such factors as age, sex, family history, as well as lifestyle and occupational factors. Treatment should be considered when you start experiencing symptoms in the affected leg. Typically, early symptoms include heaviness in the leg, calf aches, ankle swelling, pain and night-time leg cramps. Symptoms generally worsen as the day goes on, with swelling, heaviness and aches felt mostly at night. An uncommon but more serious complication that occurs with varicose veins is thrombosis, or clot formation. These painful, hard lumps occur suddenly within the affected veins, and can also bleed sometimes. Both situations require early review and treatment by your doctor. The main long-term complication of varicose veins is Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). In this case, the skin around the ankles hardens and develops pigmentation. Unfortunately, this leads to formation of ulcers in the legs, which can take months to heal. CVI must be treated early. An assessment of varicose veins involves an in- clinic ultrasound with the results discussed at the same appointment. Luckily, these days, varicose vein treatment is very different to old-style stripping; it’s now minimally invasive without any general anaesthesia or overnight hospital stay required.

Dr Sujit Singh Gill, director and consultant surgeon

The Vascular & General Surgery Centre #18-05 Paragon Medical Suites, 290 Orchard Road 6736 2302 | tvgsc.sg



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