Rescuing Animals Location: ACRES Wildlife Sanctuary School: Raintrees Kindergarten Grade: Busy Bees (four- to six-year-olds)

This trip was organised as part of the Busy Bees’ topic work on “Mini-beasts and Reptiles”. It was an extension of the learning the children had thoroughly enjoyed about different animals seen around Singapore. ACRES was deliberately chosen to offer children a perspective on the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, and the presentation was interactive and fun for this age group. The children had a great time learning about different creatures, including wild animals and others that had been rescued from injury. During the indoor presentation, the children had fun playing games, and enjoyed a collaborative activity finding different animals in the garden using clues given by the helpful staff. The children and staff travelled on a school bus. All participants were advised to wear long, slim-fitting trousers and long-sleeved tops to avoid being bitten while walking around looking at all the animals; the children also wore mosquito patches as a precaution. Everyone carried water and a snack and enjoyed this indoors. Sometimes parents come along on the school’s excursions, but this time they weren’t needed because the child/staff ratio

was adequate. The children had a great time, enjoyed learning and put in a lot of effort to make a picture of a turtle in the style of Eric Carle – a gesture truly appreciated by the ACRES staff.

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Farming Friends Location: Bollywood Veggies School: Shaws Preschool Grade: Nursery Two (three- to four-year-olds) Students at Shaws are fortunate to experience up to 10 fascinating field trips a year. These trips are designed to take learning outside the classroom, so children can connect what they learn in the classroom to real life; when this happens, the world makes more sense to them. Excursions are kept simple and real, to ensure even the little ones are able to learn from the visits. Recently we took a trip to Bollywood Veggies in the island’s north at Kranji to see a small but operational Singapore farm. As part of the curriculum, the children were learning how plants grow, and their plant of choice was the papaya tree. In school, the children explored the parts of the plant and, of course, grew their own plants from seeds in the Shaws garden. They visited Bollywood Veggies to explore papayas in a farm environment and to learn more about plants in general. Parents are invited to come on all Shaws excursions; they are a valuable addition to the experience. For trips with younger students (under three years old), an adult helper is a must.

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