MAY 2018

BY AMY GREENBURG PHOTOGRAPHY MICHAEL BERNABE We ta l k to bootcamp inst ructor, athlete and mother-of-two BRIDGET ROBERTSON about keeping energised, in shape and motivated to work out. When many of us are waking up, Bridget has already walked the dog, taken her son to training at 5.40am and run a bootcamp session at one of UFIT’s many outdoor bootcamp locations including the Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning, East Coast Park and Evans Road Athletics Track. It’s clear that the New Zealand expat, who’s lived in Asia for 14 years – her family has lived in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore – has major dedication, not to mention stamina; she’s been a vertical running race competitor for the past eight years, having completed 73 storeys of 1,336 stairs in eight minutes and 45 seconds in the Swissotel Vertical Marathon, among other competitions! We asked her to spill some of her secrets. When did your love of fitness start? I’ve been training in athletics since I was six years old, and come from a very active family. My mum played netball for New Zealand, and sport was ingrained into our lifestyle from as early as I can remember. I loved running when I was a kid and joined “Little Athletics” in Australia when I was just seven: I went on to compete at a very high level, and won an Australian Junior National title in the 400 metres. I started working as a personal trainer more than ten years ago. What do you do to stay in top shape? I cross-train for variety and injury prevention. In addition to doing bootcamps, I swim, box, run loads of stairs (about 8,000 per week) as training for my races, have a spin bike and do strength work in the gym. I do prefer it when I can exercise outside, though. &DRIVE Why do you think outdoor bootcamps have become so popular? Although they’re physically demanding, bootcamps are actually a lot of fun because of the team spirit and the sense of community they generate. We have a lot of laughs and banter

“Use whatever inspires you to get started on tough days such as music, new gym clothes, a new location or a training partner.”



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