MARCH 2020

Amelie The catalyst for AMELIE MARIVAIN’s entry in the Mongol Derby was a terrible road accident that left her shaken but determined to seize every day. Where are you from originally? Most of my friends say that I’m French on paper and Latina at heart. I’m originally from France but I’ve studied and lived in Spain, the UK, Peru and the US, before settling in in Singapore. How long have you been here? It’s been five years now, and I still remember my first encounter with the tropical climate – so much heat and humidity! Little did I know that Singapore would really seduce me and I would call the Little Red Dot home. What do you do for work? I’m the Global Marketing Director for a B2B fintech company interconnecting different payment systems around the world to facilitate cross-border payments. This role gives me the opportunity to interact and work alongside international colleagues, partners and providers around the world and use my skills and experience to create a global roadmap of our activities. I was travelling to Shanghai for work when I watched a documentary called “All the Wild Horses” on YouTube. There is something about the wilderness, and the rawness of this adventure, as well as the contact with and dependence on the horses that really appealed to me. The race is also a fabulous opportunity to promote the history of Mongolia as How do you go from doing all that to signing up for the Mongol Derby?

it recreates the postal system of Genghis Khan, as well as the country’s nomadic and equestrian culture. Only 40 participants from all around the world are selected and must ride 1,000km on semi-wild horses in 10 or fewer days. What made you want to enter the event? In August 2018, while I was on my way to visit Mount Bromo in Indonesia, my world stopped. The van I was in was going too fast, the driver lost control and we rolled over more times than I could count. It’s thanks to horse riding that I regained my confidence and control over my emotions. This was also the moment I realised my time is now. This is not only a horserace; this is a journey to strengthen my mind and body, and an ongoing learning experience. By telling the story of my failures and successes, I want to inspire people to try and dare more.

Photos by Artbone Studio and Jason Denning



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