Athleaders What it offers: Personalised workouts and nutrition coaching with the convenience of coming to the client. It’s this winning “customisation, convenience and results” approach that drives measurable, visible and goal-based results for their clients, who range from working professionals to stay-at-home mums. Bernhard Lieder, CEO and Head of Trainers What are your tips for getting started and motivated? Focus on what you enjoy or find joy in whatever you are doing – because, where focus goes, energy flows! So, make sure to add in a fun factor. If you don’t like working out but enjoy boxing, get a trainer who can give you a mix of both. Find an activity that you have always enjoyed and make that a starting point; it will work wonders for your consistency. It’s also key to get your family and friends onboardwith your newroutine so that they canhelpkeepyouon track. Ask your helper to prepare a healthy smoothieeverydaybeforeyou leave for work, askyour spouseor kids to joinyou for one of the weekly workout sessions and, whenheadingoutwith friends for dinner, ask if you cango to a placewith healthy options. Make it known to your inner circle that this is a goal you’ve set for yourself, and you would appreciate their support. Accountability is theglue that connects commitment to results. Where do people normally slip up? Settingunrealisticgoalsandmilestones! Aim for progress, not perfection. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, it’s important to set small milestones for yourself. For instance, if your goal is to run a 10k, first aim to complete a 1k run with no breaks. Reward yourself in a big way when you achieve this. Seeing progress will result in increasedmotivation. You will seeyour consistencyanddisciplinealso increasewhich are the cornerstones to success.

How can Athleaders help? Getting started is the easy part. However, keeping at it and ensuring consistency is often where people tend to slip up. This is where Athleaders can help. We understand how hard it is to stick to a plan. By bringing fitness to your doorstep, customising your workout routines and nutrition plans, and systematically tracking your progress, we’re able toget you to the results you’ve always been after. Keeping convenience at the forefront of everything we do, we take on the hurdle of travel to make it as easy as possible for you!

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