The beginningof the year is a notorious timeforpeopletogetstartedonafitness regime that tapers off all too soon. Here, top fitness experts in Singapore share advice on how to stick with it and actually get the results you want. The Ripple Club What it offers: Efficient, interactive and low-impact aqua workouts for anyone, regardless of fitness level. In addition to personal training, there are three different classes to choose from: Ripple Box, Ripple Ride and Ripple Circuit, all using water resistance to deliver some serious results. Alice Dedigama, Co-founder What are your tips for getting started and motivated? Find your reason to exercise. Most people will just say they want to loseweight or lookgood. The reality is, that’s just not good enough to keep youmotivated throughout the year. We love to ask our clientswhat their reason to exercise is, and what their “why” is, three times – every time, they go deeperuntil they findthe real reasonwhy theywant tobe fit.

Do youwant to exercise to be able to play with your kids or grandkids? Is it toavoiddiabetes, which runs inyour family? Find your “why” andwrite it down somewhere. Read it over andover againwhenmotivation fades. Itworks likeacharm! Where do people normally slip up? Peoplehaveunrealisticgoals; they are reallyhard toachieve and seem out of reach. They may end up going on very restrictivediets andexercise routines. Evenbodybuildersdo not exercise that much all year round, so why would you? It’s good to have a big goal. Once you have it, split it into tiny “milestones” and put a timeline to it. Celebrate the milestones, reward yourself and move toward your big goal – slowly but surely you will achieve it. How can The Ripple Club help? We are all about fitness for longevity – no crazy diet or fitness regime.Wewant tohelpour clientsbuildsustainable lifestyle changes that they canadhere to for the rest of their lives as their new “normal”, not a struggle. We runa six-weekRippleChallengeat theendof January withonlyonehabit to focus oneveryweek. Eachachievable goal stacks on the other to make you your best self!

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