Apart from Santa, who would you like to visit or have visit you this Christmas? I’ve had some odd visitors lately, including a couple of large monitor lizards – they’re pretty common out where I am, but I’m not keen on them... A large civet cat came a few times, too, but that was cool. Then, while I was standing in the garden talking to a colleague a few days ago, a wild boar ran past me! It was only about two metres away and running fast, but I think I reversed through the patio doors even faster. Doors were shut, little dog was checked to be inside – and I was a bit freaked out. I’m still a bit nervous about being in the garden. No idea how it got in or out, or where it was going … maybe looking for Santa boar? The good news is, we come bearing gifts this month…well, prizes actually. Fancy two nights in a private villa in Desaru? Or $200 shopping vouchers to spend in Palais Renaissance? See pages 22 and 123 to enter! If you’re still not sure what to get family or colleagues, we have some great gift ideas throughout the mag. There are plenty of Christmas dinner ideas for eating in or dining out too (from page 108). I’d get cracking on that soon. And there are lots of recommendations for Christmas trees – real and artificial – and decorations on the Expat Living website. My artificial one has lasted for about 10 years, it’s amazing. I can’t believe it’s time to pull it out again! I’m very excited about spending my first Christmas with both my girls since 2019. Hoping to have a bit of a switch-off between Christmas and New Year too. If you go anywhere nice, do send us a note and a pic to Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas, holiday time and New Year’s Eve – may your hearts and tummies be full!

REBECCA BISSET Editor-in-Chief

Let’s make sure Christmas isn’t “boaring”! :)



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