Burger bash What are holidays without good food? Burgers by Relish from the Wild Rocket Group challenges your idea of burgers. Sure, there’s the classic Bacon & Cheese on the menu, but the brand also comes up with unorthodox originals like its blue cheese, poached pear and walnut burger, along wi th ome l et te-wrapped ramlee burgers and fusion open char-siew burgers. Come by for a quick bite or take them home for a holiday feast!

Rolls with character At Swish Rolls, you have the choice of freshly baked croissant rolls and Swiss rolls with some intriguing flavours! From the locally inspired Ondeh to savoury Ham n’ Cheeze, and from Strawberry Pistachio to Earl Grey Yuzu Lemon Yoghurt, take your pick – or, better yet, try the spectrum of varieties with your family.

Handmade mugs

The Moon Jar has a curation of handmade ceramics from Korea and Japan, including special edition mugs for Chr i s tmas . I f you’re looking for a gift made by small batch art isans for a pa r tne r, f r i end or family member, these mugs come in

Handcrafted gifts Emiko’s passion for textiles transforms traditional crafts into fashion. Handwoven by artisans in Cambodia, her feather-light silk scarves are a must-have for the festive season and will complete any outfit with bohemian flair. Emiko has the silk dyed in muted colours, from solids or tie-dye shibori. Also, keep a lookout for lovely Khmer ceramic candle holders and sparkling silk ornaments to spark joy!

various distinctive designs. Popular Japanese artist Yago is launching the Snowy Forest series exclusively for the pop-up, and Korean artist Hyun Sang Hwa is releasing a

Retro Holiday mug.

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Gingerlily Arts Summer Moments BEA Style Curators Studs + Stones Coretti Fashions The Moon Jar Maracuya Handmade Dear Millim Vin and Min Heveya Luulaa Clara Forno Ikigai Fable

Ceramics by Jas Bunny Planet PetaleTea Revel Lady Sel Boutique Davi Beschizza Hadasity Iryasa C is for Colette (20% sale proceeds to OSCAS dog shelter and Project Luni)

Artisan of Sense Two Baked Buns EuniqYou ERGO Better

73 DECEMBER2022 Cluny Court is at 501 Bukit Timah Road, near the north end of the Botanic Gardens.

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