I celebrate with friends and family for the whole month and usually arrange a mixture of events. With restrictions now gone, it’s easier as I can host larger groups. I adore cooking Christmas turkey and my favourite Jamie Oliver Christmas cookbook comes out every year. I have this really yummy pistachio and cranberry stuffing I’ve made for years (I make a little vegetarian one for myself!). I’m in my happy place cooking and watching my family and friends happy, sharing stories and singing carols. Growing up, my sister Jamini and I loved Christmas, and even though my parents are Indian, they enjoyed celebrating with us too. We’d set up a Christmas tree and put real socks out as our stockings. Thankfully, Santa always visited! We didn’t take part in traditional Christmas celebrations, but we’d have a picnic on the beach with mum’s yummy Indian potato and fresh peas dish. I’ve now incorporated this childhood favourite into our Christmas smorgasbord. Creating gift boxes for my kids and their friends with lots of fun activities and games is another special tradition of mine. It’s hard for young kids to sit at a table for a long period of time, so each box is designed to keep thembusy. Seeing themall sharing, playing and giggling together bringsme somuch joy.


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