Your home looks incredibly festive! Tell us a little bit more about your decorating for Christmas. I’m in love with pastels and the pretty colour schemes and combinations trending now. I love shopping for new Christmas decorations (which drives my husband mad!), especially Bed Bath N’ Table for their unique tree decorations, along with the shops in KINEXMall that always seem to have the best tree displays to tempt me into another colour scheme. Christmas trees: are you in the real or fake camp and why? We do love a real tree but the past couple of years they haven’t lasted so we decided to save the trees from now on and buy a fake. I have a beautiful one which does actually look very real, from Steve Florists in KINEX Mall. Do you follow any special Christmas traditions? The NORAD Santa Tracker! We tune in and track Father Christmas from the moment he begins his journey, plus we always have bacon sandwiches for breakfast on Christmas morning before the big feast. Who do you usually spend Christmas Day with, and where? Every other year we are home in England with the family, which is the best. It doesn’t seem like Christmas for us here with the heat. When we do stay, we hang out with best friends and their families either at brunch or at someone’s house.

Favourite thing about Singapore and the region? It’s always warm – I hate being cold. We love being able to travel around the region too; it’s so easy to take short breaks and Changi Airport is just the best for transit times in and out. We are very grateful for home help too – Fe has been with us for over 16 years now and we would not be without her. What do you do for fun (that’s printable!)? We love travelling, staycations, hanging out with friends and trying new places. For exercise, it’s walking for me.



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