Whe t he r you ’ re l ook i ng to improve communication, promote togetherness or keep your crew ailment-free, here are some great pointers when it comes to making wellness resolutions as a family – plus, habits to adopt for 2023 and beyond. “Putting time aside in our busy schedules to play board games or watch movies together is a fun way for the family to bond, and allows for communication,” says DR ELAINE YEO, senior clinical psychologist at Promises Healthcare, which provides mental health treatment to adults, adolescents and children suffering from all types of disorders. “Remember to put away devices during this time so that you’ll be fully present with each other without any distractions.” #2 Find ways to create new memories as a family A new memory can be anything that involves the entire family trying out something new together, whether that’s exploring a new place, building a DIY project or participating in a fun activity together, explains Dr Yeo. “These types of experiences can increase closeness not only through the time spent together, but also through the opportunity to see different sides of our family members.” Family therapist LILIAN LOO recommends cooking and eating together as a family. At Promises Healthcare, she helps families cope with life challenges and transitions, and to build strong, nurturing relationships with one another. “Have fun trying different recipes while whipping up a healthy family meal as a team. Get everyone involved in the meal prep, from the grocery buying to preparing the ingredients to getting the dining table ready,” she says. #3 Opt for outdoor adventures “A family that plays together, bonds together,” says Lilian. “Play and adventure are fun and interactive, and a great way to build trust between family members.” She suggests camping outdoors, going on nature walks and gazing at the stars at night. If camping’s not your thing, she recommends heading to the Botanic Gardens for a family picnic and a free performance by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. #1 Schedule a weekly (device free) family hangout

As aFamily Healthier Ways ToBe BY AMY GREENBURG

167 DECEMBER2022

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