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Will “sweating it out” the morning after a big night out actually help rid my body of the toxins?

Sweating is the body’s response to elevated temperatures, and sweat is made up of mostly water, sodium and chloride. Sadly, this means that sweating won’t get rid of the toxins in your body from the night before. However, movement burns fuel. So, do get moving and stay active the day after a big meal out or lots of drinks. Our main detoxification organ is the liver. By supporting liver function we can be in a better position to handle alcohol. The liver works in two phases and through a series of chemical reactions, processing toxins from things such as alcohol. To help aid liver function, get hold of a good multivitamin supplement, lots of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and sprouts, good quality protein sources, filtered water and fruits such as apples and grapefruit.

How can I eat healthily during the holidays but also enjoy myself a bit? Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Just be aware of what you do with your body, make the right choices, and Santa will be keeping you on the “healthy” list! Do try the “9/10 rule”. It’s fairly simple but will allow you a degree of flexibility for social events this season or any time of year. Of every ten meals you eat, nine of those should be “on plan” – meaning, staying on track with your normal protein and veggies, healthy fats and good carbs. The tenth meal can be your meal out with friends, where you can choose a higher calorie dish or a dessert, for example.

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