A salon in Paragon

Style & Beauty 132 The latest shopping and fashion news 134 How Falak became a makeup artist 136 What to wear for holiday parties or get-togethers 138 All sorts of ideas for Christmas presents! 140 New beauty products and skin savers 142 What can Dr Marco help with? 144 A look at light and laser facial treatments 148 All-natural soaps and shampoos 150 Where to head for a new hairdo 152 BBL laser to blast those age spots! 154 Tried & Tested: Two skin and hair heroes Health & Fitness 158 Medical news and updates from experts 161 Two power workouts to try! 162 Health hacks for the holidays 164 Big advice for little teeth 167 15 ways to be a healthier family 170 Avoiding common childhood injuries 172 How to choose a counsellor 174 Look after your liver this holiday season! 176 Turning the tables on a deadly disease Regulars 178 Challenge yourself with our Puzzle Pages 180 December horoscopes – what’s coming next? 182 Important contacts and this month’s advertisers 184 Parting Shot: Tips for learning a language


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