Glassware & Guzzle Rate! Trying to keep your alcohol intake under control this holiday season? You may want to consider using different glassware. That’s right – there is growing evidence to suggest that glass shape may influence the rate of drinking of alcoholic beverages. Studies have shown that drinking beer from a curved glass increases the chances of drinking faster and, ultimately, more. This is likely because it’s harder to determine the mid-point marking in a curved glass, according to researchers. The study found that drinking out of a straight-edged glass instead slowed consumption by about 60 percent. For more tips on healthy holiday drinking, head to page 174.

New Doc On Duty International Medical Clinic (IMC) has a new addition to its Children’s team, Dr Megha Jasm, who has worked with children for 14 years. Trained in paediatrics and neonatology, Dr Megha previously led a NICU team caring for premature babies and newborns with congenital disorders; that would explain her love of all things newborns – from screening and post-hospital care to jaundice and feeding challenges. She also has special interests in allergies, asthma, childhood development and adolescent medicine, and is passionate about empowering her young patients and parents with “more knowledge, less medication and a lot of love”. IMC Children’s is located at #14-01/02/03 Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard

Boulevard. 6887 4440

Health-focused Festivities Mark your calendar – the Glow Festival, Asia’s largest wellness event, is returning to Singapore for its second edition from 4 to 12 February 2023. Centred on improving holistic wellbeing, the Marina Bay Sands-based festival will be packed with all sorts of in person and digital wellness activities for the mind, body and soul. You can expect over 50 fitness classes and wellness workshops led by celebrity yogis and fitness instructors, and world-renowned wellness practitioners, plus a multi-sensory space that will transport you into the Amazon and to other tranquil environments. You can also look forward to fitness challenges and fundraising activities to support essential mental health work within the community. Find out more at . Coming up



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