Our skin andour hair leave a strong first impression, so it’s good to use quality products that are gentle yet effective. Here are two that can helpmake every day a good skin and hair day.


Acca Kappa Protection Oval Brush Beechwood Looped Nylon, $56 I never thought that I needed the Acca Kappa Protection Brush until I used it! I was amazed at how it managed to comb out knots in my long hair without causing hair breakage, even when I use it on damp hair after a shower. That’s a huge win as my previous brush would get stuck and if I tugged at it too hard, strands of hair would break. Right from the first day of usage, I noticed a significant reduction in hair fall. This is great as my hair isn’t voluminous and I’ve been worried about losing hair. My favourite part is the gentle massaging sensation on my scalp as I brush my tresses. It’s so soothing that I give my hair a few extra brushes just to enjoy this for longer. The brush is made with good quality materials and lightweight enough to bring along for travel. I don’t see myself using another brush after this! Patricea Chow

SolarTea High Protection Sun Cream SPF 50 (100ml), $51 This non-greasy sun cream is perfect for delicate skin on the face. It contains acerola (similar to cherry) and mate (“ma-tay”, a tea-like ingredient from South America), which are rich in vitamins to reduce skin spots and also protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. It also includes bio argan oil, black pepper and coriander, which are detoxifying and prevent delicate skin from ageing. It’s hydrating enough to leave the skin bright and radiant. This was my first time trying this brand and I must admit I really liked it. It’s light enough to protect and hydrate at the same time, unlike a lot of sun creams that are sticky and don’t let the skin breathe. I will be buying this one again! Jacqui Young



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