An IPL facial treatment that doesn’t hurt!

When I fill in forms at an aesthetic centre or salon, I usually tick all the boxes for skin concerns. Pigmentation? Check! Wrinkles and fine lines? Check! Plus dull and uneven skin tone, rough and dry skin texture, ageing and sagging skin, sun damage and redness. So, when I was told this BBL laser treatment can treat all these skin conditions and more, I was excited. Eagle Eye Aesthetics is in King Albert Park Mall (KAP), and parking is easy. The clinic is an armof the Eagle Eye Group, which owns seveneyecentres aroundSingapore, andDr StephanieYoung, who would be looking after my facial treatment, is the Director of Ophthalmic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery there. I knew I was in good hands. The treatment BBL is a form of pulsed light therapy that spans a wider visible spectrum than normal IPL, and the Sciton BBL Hero is the only medical device with a proven study from a major medical university to demonstrate long-termchange in the appearance and genetic expression of the skin. Depending on the need, the pulsed light can be adjusted to treat either the top layer (pigmentation on the face, which will darken and then fade or “drop off”) or deeper for anti-ageing and tightening effects. Studies even show that with repeated treatment, the BBL Hero can alter DNA in your skin cells to represent a younger DNA profile. DANIELLE ROSSETTI recently tested out a next-generation facial treatment at Eagle Eye Aesthetics. Here’s her take on it…

The BBL Hero treats different types of skin conditions by operating in different modes for different conditions.

Name of mode Forever Young Forever Flawless

What it targets Signs of ageing

Pigmentation, rosacea, vascular conditions

Forever Clear



Instant skin-tightening, collagen boosting

Book your consultation with Eagle Eye Aesthetics at Six weeks later, my skin still feels good – plumped and firm and possibly a bit more “glowy”. I’ll definitely be integrating this into my skincare calendar moving forward! Notably, the BBL Hero also treats a variety of skin tones, covering types 1 to 5 on the Fitzpatrick scale. The review Dr Stephanie first checked my skin carefully to make sure I would react well, as I have sensitive skin. She also asked if I wanted numbing cream – apparently, not many people need it, so I said I was okay! Then I lay on the bed and gritted my teeth for the expected stinging “zaps” of the light pulses on my skin. However, it didn’t hurt at all. I couldn’t even feel it on the bony parts of my face as I’ve experienced in the past with other laser and light treatments. Dr Stephanie described what was happening as we went along; I could feel when she was focusing on my open pores and areas where I have broken capillaries (using the Forever Young and Forever Flawless modes). The skin tightening performed at the end (SkinTyte) was like a warm roller treatment without any intermittent flashes to distract me, so I nearly fell asleep! The results After the 30-minute treatment, my skin wasn’t red or inflamed. The pigmentation on the face looked slightly darker, as predicted; but it was expected to scab off in a couple of days. Around my jawline, above my eyes along the eyebrow line and also the cheekbone area definitely looked more lifted, plump and firm. Clients can experience this treatment every one to three months for $426.93 per session, and $214 for a first-time trial. It’s a great alternative to a simple facial. You could also add on a Hydrafacial ($99) for enhanced results!



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