The sun’s full spectrum of light is the source of all energy and is indispensable to life on Earth. Having evolved under the rays of the sun for hundreds of millennia, we’re now learning exciting ways to harness various wavelengths of light to heal, strengthen and rejuvenate ageing or damaged tissue – including but not limited to our precious facial skin. So, let’s shine the spotlight on some of the most effective treatments available right here and right now. #1 Intense Brightening Laser Programme Just in time for the holidays, here’s an innovative programme of four sessions to deliver rejuvenated, tighter and generally more youthful skin. It’s a multi-targeted approach that’s minimally invasive yet promises long term results. Suitable for treating everything from melasma, freckles and various types of pigmentation to acne scars, it also delivers noticeably brighter skin with a more refined texture. Here’s how it works. During the first three sessions, you’ll be treated with the latest PICO laser technology to smooth acne scars, shrink enlarged pores and lighten hyperpigmentation. For the fourth and last session, look forward to a treatment with SkinRevive, which uses both full-beam and fractional laser to improve skin tone and texture while reducing pore size, pigmentation and static wrinkles. This high-energy pulsed laser is nevertheless non-ablative – meaning that it leaves the skin surface intact, which makes it ideal for darker skin types too. Now you can say hello to a smooth, even and flawless complexion!

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