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EMBRACING DIFFERENCES At Al l Hands Together , children of all abilities and skill levels are given the opportunity to achieve their learning potential.

Mayette Salle, Philippines; Toby (9)

A mother with a special needs child recommended All Hands Together to me, and Toby has been attending the centre for three years. He learns and is guided on how to socialise with other children through having lessons together and playing outdoors.

The activities also build gross and fine motor skills, and the environment is conducive to learning. Toby can learn at his own pace, build on his strengths and address his weaknesses. The teaching materials are customised and take his interests into consideration. We also regularly communicate with his teachers to assess his progress and come up with objectives. My son loves the centre and is always excited to go there! Each child learns differently and this is the principle that the centre sticks to when developing programmes for their students.

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AWorld of Catering to children aged four to 12, Whizz Kidz offers a host of hands-on and exciting a c t i v i t i e s . Enrol the kids in one of their wo r k s h o p s and holidays c a m p s o r book a session for a party. Discovery

Samuel Chauffaille, French; Scarlett (10), Salomé (8) and Jonah (5)

I first came across Whizz Kidz online. My children have enjoyed a range of activities i nc l ud i ng hands - on learning experiences with

science experiments, building their own LEGO robot, sports, cooking, drama and even movie-making where children come up with their own storylines. The workshops are very interactive and the teachers are great! The programmes are wonderful for keeping kids busy during breaks. They’re able to explore new and interesting things as well as learn in a fun way.

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