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Silk Flowers Singapore sells high-quality artificial flowers that allow you to freshen up your home without the need for constant watering, and with just a few simple maintenance tips. Or you can gift the flowers to a friend or family member and they won’t need to worry about looking after them. Handwritten gift cards are available too. There’s an extensive range of stems on offer – from flowers like peonies, hydrangeas and roses, to faux foliage including eucalyptus and potted palms. And, in a place like Singapore where orchids are a big deal, it’s fitting that there’s an incredibly lifelike selection of “real touch” orchids in a range of colours and styles. Stunning in Silk Every room looks brighter with flowers – it’s just a shame they don’t last. Thankfully, there’s an easy (and beautiful) solution to that dilemma.

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yourself by mixing and matching different blooms and foliage. Each arrangement comes hand-tied in wrapping and ribbon. BESPOKE SERVICE The Silk Flowers service goes beyond just pointing and clicking. They’ll also come to your home to help arrange the flowers in your space, and ensure that your chosen blooms work well, both in the vase and in situ in your space. Various delivery options are available too, or you can arrange for free collection.

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