April - May 2018

Exactly how do the programmes work? Hypoxi combines low-impact exercise with advanced technology and healthy nutrition to help your body work smarter. Hypoxi supercharges your body’s natural fat-burning system through a 30-minute exercise session on the trainer, which is conducted by wearing a vacuum skirt that traps the alternating pressure

Wedding Weight Loss Get in great shape for your big day! We all want to look our best on our wedding day. JULIA LOHMANN gives us the lowdown on how Hypoxi can help. What is the Hypoxi method? It’s a vacuum technology-based weight-loss system. The concept was developed by sports scientist Dr Norbert Egger who knew that fat is burned primarily in regions where the tissue is best supplied with blood – and, above all, fat is burned by movement. That’s why he developed a training device that would combine circulation-enhancing methods with movement. We all want to look and feel beautiful on the most important day of our lives! The run-up to a bride’s special day usually means toning or shaping to fit into that magnificent dress. Hypoxi has two main programmes suitable for those who are time-constrained and would like to just do a 30-minute exercise session and get back to their daily lives, or for those who would like to shape the body and tone the skin in a 50-minute Hypoxi combination session. Whether the person is pear- or apple- shaped, there are different devices to tackle the areas we want to shape at a quicker rate. How can you help someone get in shape for a special occasion such as a wedding?

inside a closed chamber. The upper body is kept free, so you can read magazines or use your iPads to continue planning for the wedding! The t r a i ne r t hen app l i e s alternating pressure on the dermis – promoting circulation around the waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thigh region while you’re working out, in order to target fat loss at a quick speed. Our Dermology device enables brides to have toned and smooth skin, reducing any appearance of cellulite, so that they can shine with confidence on any beach wedding or honeymoon.

How far in advance do you recommend a bride-to-be books a package for best results? Good planning means giving the body enough time to shape in a healthy way. We want our brides to be stress-free when it comes to exercise and for this to be sustainable means a few months ahead of the dress fitting.

Special offer: To book a free trial session with Hypoxi, call 2537 6637 or email info@hypoxi.com.hk.

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